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March 16, 2005 10:00 ET

Elsta Meets Emissions Trading Obligations With Pavilion Technologies; Envisage Offers Real-Time Emissions Monitoring of CO2 and NOX



MARCH 16, 2005 - 10:00 ET

Elsta Meets Emissions Trading Obligations With
Pavilion Technologies; Envisage Offers Real-Time
Emissions Monitoring of CO2 and NOX

AUSTIN, Texas--(CCNMatthews - Mar 16, 2005) -

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in advanced process control (APC)
and environmental compliance solutions, announced today that the Elsta
power plant in Hoek, Terneuzen, Netherlands has deployed Pavilion's
Envisage™ software on three gas turbines and associated steam
boilers. Envisage will enable Elsta to fulfill its monitoring
obligations under the strict European Union CO2 and Dutch NOX emissions
trading rules. This is the first time that a deployment of this type has
been dedicated for emissions-trading purposes in Europe.

"The Elsta facility is a power producer in the Netherlands, delivering
steam and electricity to the largest DOW facility in Europe," said Peter
Kuijs, team leader for Elsta. "Pavilion's Envisage solution was selected
because of the technology's ability to help Elsta manage emissions
performance in real time and comply with rules governing CO2 and NOX
emissions trading."

The CO2 and NOX Emission Trading Schemes are policies being introduced
across Europe to combat the serious threat of climate changes attributed
to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Pavilion's Envisage is an environmental performance management solution
that enables industry to monitor and report on real-time emissions data.
Envisage allows industry to capitalize on market-based emission
reduction reforms by monitoring real-time, system-wide performance. The
advantages that Envisage will bring Elsta also include a reduction of
faults and workload for staff -- freeing up resources to focus on other
business-critical activities.

Elsta was able to begin emissions trading just six weeks after the
Envisage deployment began. This project was delivered through Pavilion's
partnership with Emission Care, a distributor of environmental

"Emission Care used its knowledge of emission trading, environmental
regulations and process engineering to tailor the software to our needs
and helped us realize a smooth implementation of Envisage in our plant
control system," said Joop Calje, business manager for Elsta. "With
Envisage, we have seen a dramatic reduction of man hours necessary for
report generation and are able to achieve full compliance with
emission-trading regulations."

In 1994, Pavilion was instrumental in gaining Environmental Protection
Agency approval in the U.S. for software-based emissions monitoring.
Pavilion's Envisage solution has also been deployed in non-attainment
zones throughout the U.S. to help industry address increasing
environmental regulations.

"Pavilion's work with Elsta demonstrates the effectiveness that industry
sees in our technology," said Pavilion CEO Ralph Carter. "We are pleased
to assist Elsta in addressing the growing need across Europe to comply
with increasingly strict environmental mandates. And, we appreciate the
work of our partner Emission Care in helping bring the benefits of our
technology to Elsta."

About Emission Care (

Emission Care is a distributor of environmental solutions that
concentrates primarily on the Dutch market, it specializes in the
evaluation of NOX and CO2 emissions produced in power plants and the
production of chemicals, steel, cement and glass. Emission Care also
provides brokerage services for emission trading through its Internet

About Pavilion Technologies (

Pavilion Technologies is the leading developer of advanced process
control (APC) and environmental compliance solutions. Pavilion's
ValueFirst™ customer relationship methodology aligns the company's
people, products and processes to deliver rapid and recurring value for
their customers. More than 350 leading companies worldwide, including
BP, Eastman Chemicals, Fonterra, Nestle, TOTAL Petrochemicals and
Weyerhaeuser depend on Pavilion's solutions to increase yield, enhance
product quality, reduce variable costs and achieve environmental
compliance each day. Pavilion Technologies is a privately held company
based in Austin, Texas, with offices serving every region of the world.
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