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February 27, 2014 07:00 ET

Elusive Trend-Setter Rockwell Watches Finally Speaks Out

Revealing What's Hot, What's Not, and What's Next for the American Timepiece Revolution

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Feb 27, 2014) - Rockwell Watches, ( the iconic American watch brand, is ready to open up about its meteoric success, unique approach to innovation and why their extreme sports brand approach has spawned a generation of rabid followers. Rockwell Founder, Rich Eggett, has intentionally flown under the radar - until now.

"Since 2007, we have focused our efforts on building a strong and believable brand that follows a philosophy that we don't sit on the sidelines," says Founder, Rich Eggett. "It's about truly committing to run with the bulls -- not just going through the motions. Show your audience that you truly get them, know them, hear them."

Eggett discovered the Rockwell philosophy in college when he and a friend sold their cars to pay for a trip to Pamplona to run with the bulls. On the day of the event, Eggett said his initial instincts were to run ahead to avoid the immense danger, but his friend pulled him back and reminded him they hadn't come that far to play it safe - he truly was there to run with the bulls.

"That trip changed my life and set the benchmark for this company," Eggett said. "We aren't here to watch others set the pace for our company, we aren't here to just walk the course." Seven years later Rockwell Watches has become a truly unique company, with an equally unique loyal following. Rockwell is a quickly growing company that offers its customers more than just a timepiece -- it offers them a piece of a lifestyle.

Creating a brand so deeply entrenched into the culture that people tattoo the company's logo and name onto themselves is a position owned by only few brands. Although extreme, it is the ultimate sign of commitment by a follower. It shows how tight the understanding is between the brand and the market. Rockwell Watches has risen to such a place in our global society. In a world driven by look-alikes and knock-offs, Rockwell stands as a brand that delivers something different. It helps its customers define themselves. It is the embodiment of their primal voice.

Rockwell's watches have adorned the wrists of entertainment stars, sports icons and fashion trendsetters around the globe. Celebrities and power players the world over choose Rockwell - or have one custom designed especially for them.

Since its early days the true backbone of the Rockwell brand has been extreme sports -- motocross, ski, surf and BMX. Today Rockwell is the major sponsor of the premier athletes in these and other action sport genres. Their massive presence and commitment to their audience is seen when more than 50,000 people fill arenas at their sponsored events around the world.

Today, Rockwell Watches offers 30 innovative timepiece lines, including the 50mm Square, Cartel, Coliseum, Assassin and Mercedes watch lines. Each has gained fame among Rockwell enthusiasts and are power sellers online and at retail. Later this year, Rockwell will release a new timepiece line, as well as other accessories to extend their current global family of products. Prices range from $100 to custom watches over $20,000 (USD).

"Rockwell Watches appeal to as many different types of people as there are watch styles. To suit the demand of the high energy markets we serve you have to be aware of who they are and what they really identify with," said Carlos Nuño, President of Rockwell. "Gender-neutral wrist watches are as critical a fashion accessory today for millions of young buyers as any other accessory they consider purchasing. As a driver of what they expect from the brands they follow, we must innovate, as well as listen."

In addition to providing watches for forward thinking lifestyles, Rockwell works with a number of highly visible companies and global brands to provide Rockwell Watches for corporate incentive and employee recognition programs. Nuño added: "Everyone from the boardroom to the mailroom can identify with Rockwell. That's something that makes our brand so strong and unique. If you aren't familiar with Rockwell yet, check us out. You will find something you must have. The feel alone will drive you crazy."

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