SOURCE: eMachineShop

November 09, 2006 07:29 ET

eMachineShop Announces Unusual New Service -- a Web Page That Does Flywheel Dynamic Balancing With No Equipment

MIDLAND PARK, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- eMachineShop ( today took the "anything-can-be-done-on-the-web" idea one step further with a web page that dynamically balances wheels and flywheels -- without relying on expensive equipment.

eMachineShop, the on-line machine shop that manufactures custom mechanical parts via the web, unveiled its on-line tool to dynamically balance spinning systems via the internet. Inventor and company president Jim Lewis explained, "The idea evolved from exploring several ways to balance a high-performance spinning top made by my weekend company I realized that I could put a fairly sophisticated mathematical algorithm on a web page to help people balance anything from device flywheels to automobile wheels.

"The web page allows a person with access to a computer, and a way to spin a wheel or flywheel, an easy-to-follow method for dynamically balancing any rotating mass without expensive tools. They just need a way to affix counterweights to the wheel," Lewis continued.

The technique involves putting small counterweights on the device being balanced, spinning it, and making observations. The visual or audible observations are put into an on-line tool which then recommends where the next set of weights should be placed. "You do this a few times," explained Lewis. "And first thing you know, you've got a flywheel or wheel that runs vibration-free. With a cell phone web access you could actually balance a tire out in the middle of the desert."

The tool is located on-line at by clicking on the Toolbox link and is expected to be popular with engineers, inventors, auto buffs and mechanics.

"It's a little out of our ordinary focus of manufacturing custom mechanical parts via the internet, but we wanted to share this novel tool with the inventing and scientific communities because it's a graceful answer to an often vexing problem -- dynamic balancing," concluded Lewis.

eMachineShop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Micro Logic, a privately held technology organization located at 666 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. Telephone 201-447-6991.

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