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GreenArrow by DRH Internet

July 18, 2012 13:01 ET

Email Delivery Software Providers, GreenArrow, Announces the Coming of Their Innovative Dynamic Delivery System

This New Feature Can Help Solve Problems With Mass Email Delivery, Enabling More Transactional and Marketing Emails to Reach Customers' Inboxes

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2012) - High-volume email delivery software solutions like DRH Internet's GreenArrow make it easier than ever to reach out to customers with transactional and marketing messages. However, one of the biggest challenges companies face is ensuring that their emails make their way past rules and spam filters and actually get delivered to inboxes where their recipients can read them. That's why GreenArrow is proud to announce the coming of their new and innovative concept "Dynamic Delivery." This new feature will help automate an otherwise very regimented process that email marketers go through with their email delivery software systems to "help win the graces" of ISPs to help maximize email deliverability. This new feature also works to solve common problems in email delivery, helping one get around throttling limits and improve the delivery of their high volume email sending. In addition, this new feature by GreenArrow will inform you if you are facing an outstanding issue, such as a high deferral rate, enabling you to take the appropriate steps to address it.

GreenArrow's Dynamic Delivery feature has four main components:

1. Be Polite When the Doors are Closed
2. Automatic IP Warm-Up
3. Automatic Back-Off
4. Notification

See for the complete press release and the details of these four main components.

"We're very excited about our innovative Dynamic Delivery functionality and we know our current and new clients will be as well. This feature really sets us apart from our competition as the industry leader and innovator that will ultimately propel email marketers to be more successful with their transactional and marketing emails," stated David Harris, CEO of DRH Internet.

The company anticipates a third quarter launch of their new Dynamic Delivery feature and therefore recommends that companies and email marketers contact them directly for further information about this new functionality and their state-of-the-art high volume and bulk email software.

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