SOURCE: GreenArrow by DRH Internet

GreenArrow by DRH Internet

September 21, 2011 17:43 ET

Email Sending Leader DRH and Their GreenArrow Software Continue to Prove Their Superiority

Advanced Email Sending Software, Superior Industry Savvy, All With Unparalleled Service Put GreenArrow Ahead of the Competition

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - Sep 21, 2011) - "Creating a complete email sending software is as important as never forgetting that customer service is just as, if not more important," states DRH founder David Harris. GreenArrow is leading the way in an industry plagued with high prices, poor service, and incomplete solutions.

Effective email marketing not only requires a compelling, permission-based strategy, but also powerful high volume email sending software. No matter what kind of email sending need, DRH and GreenArrow have an answer.

Robert Burko, President of Elite Email, explains, "(Their) expertise, passion and knowledge are clearly evident in the GreenArrow infrastructure, which has rapidly become a pivotal and very reliable part of our systems."

Spikemail's President, Glenn Edley, describes his decision, "Spikemail chose DRH over a number of competitors to partner with for our email delivery platform."

Glenn continues, "DRH are by far the best technical department to support the email campaigns for our clients in New Zealand to send to recipients worldwide. Their ability to interface with ISPs across the globe and provide outstanding customer service is second to none."

For businesses with high volume email sending needs, GreenArrow has a solution.

Jonah Kilmack at explains, "GreenArrow has given me incredible peace of mind: I send 100,000+ personalized emails an hour, I easily maintain a higher than 90% deliverability rate, and my server runs clean, fast and never shuts down."

There are even solutions for marketing firms that desire to give their own clients an edge in a world filled with commercial messages.

Peter Roebuck, the Vice President of Marketing for All Web Promotion, Inc., elaborates, "GreenArrow has helped us grow our email marketing capabilities from in-house only mailings to a full service Email Service Provider with capabilities exceeding those of our competitors. Additionally, GreenArrow's detailed deliverability analysis enables us to identify specific problems with an email list and even help identify which segments are responsible for generating sales, complaints, or no activity at all.

"Working along with DRH has allowed us to even create our own proprietary capabilities that set us apart from our competitors."

Don't overpay for incomplete and overpriced email delivery software or for sub-par customer service. Contact GreenArrow toll-free today at 1-866-374-4678 or by visiting

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