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eMamba International Corp.

August 25, 2011 07:00 ET

eMamba President Issues Inaugural Address to Shareholders

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 25, 2011) -

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eMamba International Corp. (PINK SHEETS:EMBA), an emerging provider of cloud-based business software and after-sales customer services, today announced that it has issued an Inaugural Address to Shareholders from President Glen Huang. The purpose of the address is to update existing eMamba investors on the current status of the Company and, more importantly, its future growth outlook.

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

As an investor in eMamba International Corp. (EMBA), you have joined a forward-looking group of people who understand the value of integrating cloud-based business software with after-sales customer services.

eMamba is a new kind of company that provides both the key software businesses require to run efficiently and the core services essential to creating satisfied, loyal customers. Investor support is critical to our advancement. We thank you for your vote of confidence in a company that we believe is on the verge of generating substantial revenues and shareholder value. In return, we promise to keep your interests front and center and to communicate with you regularly to keep you informed about our activities and accomplishments.

I am excited to take the helm at eMamba and lead the roll out of what we believe is a first for the business services sector. In our opinion, eMamba offers the most complete customer service solution available – one that truly meets the needs of manufacturers, retailers and, of course, consumers.

In a nutshell, we've developed a comprehensive suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and we've paired this critical business software with an equally comprehensive lineup of after-sales customer services.

Our business software is available in both on-premise and cloud-based versions. It covers everything from head-office functions such as asset management, financial accounting and human resources to operational functions such as call-center management, field-services management and parts-search management.

The human-based, hands-on customer services we provide include call-center operations, third-party logistics, product returns, warranty fulfillment and repairs, parts sourcing and warehouse solutions. No other customer-service specialist offers a package of services that is as inclusive as ours. We invite you to check out the eMamba competitive advantage at http://www.emamba.com/our-services/competitive-advantage/.

What makes us different than other business services providers?

Two words: inclusivity and integration.

My background comprises more than 20 years of work in the after-sales customer service sector and in designing SAP- and Oracle-based ERP and CRM systems for large businesses. Building on this experience, my colleagues and I understood at the time we were conceptualizing eMamba that many companies face a significant obstacle to delivering top-quality customer service – namely, the piecemeal nature of their software infrastructure and customer-service functions.

Large companies, in particular, often employ a mix of incompatible applications from different software vendors spread throughout their organizations. These situations exist due to poor planning, mid-stream shifts in vendors, corporate mergers, etc. To get incompatible applications to talk to one another, IT departments frequently must resort to the installation of custom work-arounds and middleware applications. The result is an unnecessarily large number of potential data failure points that can disrupt customer service delivery and even bring business to a halt. In addition, because the providers of after-sales customer services have tended to be vertical and specialized, businesses often contract out different parts of their customer-care functions to a range of suppliers. Again, the potential for error is increased.

Our answer to this seemingly intractable problem plaguing corporate executives has been to create a single-source, all-under-one-roof solution:

  • The eMamba ERP/CRM software solution consists of 26 modules that are fully integrated
  • Our after-sales customer services are also fully integrated and fully supported by our powerful software systems.

Effectively, we eliminate the redundancies, then on-value components and middleware compromises – and keep the parts that work. It's great for us because we serve our clients more efficiently and effectively than our competitors. And, of course, it's great for our clients, too.

Unlocking Value

eMamba has stolen the lead in the race to provide companies with a superior customer-care option. And based on the flexibility and scalability of our solutions, we are capable of serving businesses of all sizes, from local family run companies to multinational manufacturers and big-box retailers. We're also ideally suited to serve just about every business sector, including apparel, automotive, banking and insurance, consumer electronics, high tech, home and personal care and health care.

I genuinely believe that our integrated business software and customer services, supported by the talented, hardworking people here at eMamba, will unlock huge opportunities for our clients, allowing them to save money, create additional value and compete more successfully in their sectors.

With all this said, I am pleased to detail for you our significant business development activities to date. Over the last year leading up to the official launch of eMamba, my colleagues and I have been introducing our innovative business model to potential Fortune 500 clients. While I cannot at this time discuss specifics, such as the names of the organizations we have talked to, you must appreciate that eMamba is designed to be a superior business software/customer service solution for the most demanding consumer-oriented companies in the world. This includes the largest manufacturers of consumer products and the largest retailers of these products. I look forward to announcing exciting sales and marketing news in the very near future.


It is my sincere hope that this update has given you helpful insights into our current status and objectives. I anticipate there will be exciting announcements forthcoming that will greatly interest you as a shareholder in our company.

As noted above, I expect this to be the first of many communication pieces intended to keep you informed of our progress. In between, you are encouraged to make regular visits to our new website at www.emamba.com, which will provide up-to-date, detailed information on developments in our business and significant news within our industry. In future weeks and months, we will be adding lots of new content, including text, graphical tutorials, video testimonials and animated product demonstrations, to communicate our story more effectively to potential customers and potential investors in our company.

Again, thank you for your interest and support. I am confident that as eMamba progresses in rolling out its business strategy, your commitment will be rewarded.

On behalf of the company, yours truly,

Glen Huang, President

About eMamba

eMamba International Corp. provides an integrated offering of cloud-based business software and after-sales customer services. The company's cloud software applications comprise a full suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software modules. This cloud software offering supports a comprehensive lineup of after-sales customer services, including call center operations, warranty fulfillment, part sourcing, product repairs and warehouse services. For more information, visit www.emamba.com.

Forward-looking statements:

This news release contains forward-looking statements, for eMamba International Corp. (the "Company"). Forward-looking statements contained in this news release are not promises or guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. The Company cautions you not to place undue reliance upon any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. The risks and uncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: (i) rapid changes in the customer support marketplace, (ii) cost and market acceptance of the Company's new and existing services, (iii) the level of individual customer commitments, (iv) competitive service offerings and pricing, and general economic circumstances. Forward-looking statements are based on management's beliefs and opinions at the time the statements are made, and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements should circumstances or management's beliefs or opinions change.

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