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July 15, 2011 09:01 ET

eMax Worldwide Inc. States Their Progress to Reduce One Billion Common Shares and Recent New Unified Corp. Business Activities

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jul 15, 2011) - eMax Worldwide Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EMXC), a socially responsible and diversified holding company, updates their shareholders on their progress regarding converting approximately 1,007,675,163 shares of common stock into the company's Preferred Series A stock and, simultaneously, retiring to treasury at least 1,007,675,163 shares of common stock initially. The conversion of shares is converting the common stock, held by founders of the company, with an aggregated value of $.025/share or a total of $ 25,178,836, into 2,517,883 shares of $10.00 Preferred A Series Stock. The company currently has approximately 2,650,000,000 common shares outstanding at this time. The conversion of common stock into the Preferred A Series Stock, and the retiring of the said common shares, will bring the current shares outstanding below 1,650,000,000. The company is currently preparing the file articles of amendment with the State of Utah to decrease their authorized common stock from 3,500,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 shares.

The company's strategic plans and future goals have set an optimum target of a common share structure in the neighborhood of 1,000,000,000 authorized and 800,000,000 outstanding. We have to date received more calls from shareholders who desire to convert than we originally anticipated. This incredible response has allowed our board to re-evaluate our optimum target share structure. The revised future goal share structure is now 750,000,000 authorized and 500,000,000 outstanding. We hesitate to declare a specific date for the completion of this event, to prevent any missed deadlines; however, it is our intentions to obtain our optimum share structure within the next three months.

The Preferred A Series shares will pay 10% per annum interest. The Preferred A Series Shares of stock will have preferences in terms of liquidation benefits and superior voting rights. Redemption will occur on the anniversary date after distribution to the Preferred A Series Stockholder. The Preferred A Series Stockholder will be able to redeem their shares, at the Corporations' sole option, and be able to exchange their Preferred A Shares for common stock which will be valued at eighty five percent of the market price of the common stock on the date of conversions. The company will have the exclusive option to extend the redemption period another year with an automatic renewal clause, at the Corporation's sole option.

eMax Worldwide has also recently announced their partly held company, eMax Media Inc, has completed the Merger Takeover of the publicly trading company, Mindpix Inc., ("MPIX"). The Board of Directors and founders of the eMax Media subsidiary company have decided to convert approximately 225,000,000 shares of common stock that they will receive in the merger with Mindpix into the eMax Media Inc's Preferred Series A stock and at the same time retire to treasury at least 225,000,000 shares of the 400,000,000 expected shares of Mindpix common stock.

The President of eMax Worldwide, Roxanna Weber, re-states, "Due to continual growth in both companies, the respective Board of Directors and founders of both companies feels it is in the best interest of all parties to reduce both companies issued and outstanding common stock, as well as decrease the authorized shares of EMAX Worldwide. The structures of both companies are being changed in a unique way, which we believe provides a solid step forward in positioning the companies for the future growth in revenues and acquired corporate assets. The founders of both eMax Worldwide and eMax Media believe these events will aid in restoring the company's market capital value to reflect its real value, with the focus on increasing revenues and earnings while decreasing the amount of common stock that is available in the public market.

Mrs. Weber also states "That if any current common stock holder in either eMax Worldwide or eMax Media group would like to join the other founders in converting their common stock into Preferred A Series Shares, then they should call the company directly to discuss the procedures and paperwork that is required to do so or visit their corporate website for further updated information."

eMax Worldwide acknowledges they were expecting to complete the mailing of several dividends owed to shareholders in eMax Worldwide this week but the work efforts will currently extend into the next two weeks for completion. Mrs. Weber states that all shares being issued will initially be restricted shares. eMax Worldwide and eMax Media's SEC attorneys will prepare the required filings and necessary registration statements to be filed with the SEC and FINRA. eMax Worldwide announced on June 23, 2011, that they filed a 8K with the SEC to announce a new stock dividend to be issued in the publicly trading company Mindpix Corp. ("MPIX") and on June 28, 2011 Mindpix filed an 8K to announce the terms of the merger with eMax Media Inc. Both eMax Worldwide and the Mindpix management are currently working to update all information at,, FINRA, and with the SEC. Both companies are very busy with the focus on getting all dividends out to their shareholders and working with their legal and auditing professionals to get all their current filings up to date with the SEC.

eMax Worldwide's office and our investor relations firm, Rockport Equity LLC, have recently received numerous calls from shareholders pertaining to their ability to convert their common shares into the Preferred Series A Stock. Due to these questions, the company has now placed on their website,, the necessary information and forms associated with any additional common shareholders' ability to convert their shares into the Preferred A Series Stock.

eMax Media, Inc.,, is currently launching the first opening phase of their new music portal at eMax Music, a division of eMax Media, has now published the first 100 songs from their music catalog that consists of 17,500 plus songs and video collection ranging from the '30s through the '90s at their emaxmusic portal. eMax Media's music division is currently packaging a minimum of 20-30 new music and video collector sets for domestic and international retail store buyers and other licensing groups worldwide. eMax Media operates a collection of multimedia and family entertainment content through four main divisions: eMax Music, eMax Studios, eMax Networks, and eMax Productions. The four operating areas offer technology-driven, high-quality products and services focusing in pre-recorded music, movies, digital media, games, outdoor sports and concert events, internet e-commerce, feature film production, television programs , broadcasting and internet networks.

New Unified Corp's Chairman and CEO, Roxanna Weber, states, "We have received an abundance of calls specifically asking about our subsidiary, New Unified Corp." Roxanna Weber stated, "Recently New Unified Corp. has acquired a vested interest in the publicly trading company, Green Mountain Development, Corp. Green Mountain Development, Corp.,, has licensed products and services related to the energy and environmental sectors. This year, Green Mountain finalized a joint venture relationship with C. Trade Group for the development of new business projects and announced the appointment of C. Trade CEO, Nick Kontonicolas to their Board of Directors."

Roxanna Weber continued to say, "I personally, and all of our companies' management, are honored to have the opportunity to work beside C Trade Group's CEO, Nicholas Kontonicolas, and his impressive top flight management and operations teams. I have worked with Mr. Kontonicolas for over seven years now and have always enjoyed the mutual respectful working relationship and successful business ventures we have worked on together. I feel extremely privileged to have the ability to again work with Mr. Kontonicolas of C Trade Group, and his Global executive management groups and partners. Green Mountain Corp; we expect this company to extremely over achieve their expected business plans as stated for the next several years."

On July 2, 2011 Robert Brehm, CEO of Green Mountain Development Corp, announced that the company has completed its business assessment report for rehabilitation and operation of the Beach Haven Oil Terminal located in Berwick, Pennsylvania in the Marcellus Shale region. The company reviewed facility alternatives for fuel distribution, bio-diesel refining and natural gas well brine water recycling with respect to environmental factors, financial parameters, and integration with C. Trade's existing logistics and fuel trading network and extensive experience in water remediation and management. On May 6, 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy newsletter, Energy Assurance Daily, featured the news release announcing that Green Mountain Development and C. Trade had signed a joint venture to Rehabilitate and Operate 2.5 Million Gallon Beach Haven Oil Terminal in Berwick, Pennsylvania. The facility is strategically located and has five above-ground storage tanks with a capacity of over 2.5 million gallons for processing a variety of fluids. Previously the terminal received refined products from pipelines, barges and trucks and distributed petroleum products to third parties for delivery to home owners and commercial outlets. This facility has extensive connections to the eastern pipeline system. The facility is large enough to add a bio-diesel refining operation of 24MM gallons/yr or its tank storage system could be converted to remediate and recycle brine water used in gas well production. Recycling brine water for reuse can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of discharging the water into rivers and streams, a common practice in Pennsylvania until earlier this year.

About C. Trade Group
C. Trade Group and affiliates have interests in energy exploration and logistics, real estate, transportation and technology with affiliated offices in New York, Shanghai, California, Calgary, Athens, Jinzhou, China and Abu Dhabi.

New Unified Corp. growth has exceeded all our expectations with its rapid growth. New Unified Corp. is preparing the foundation to handle a tremendous amount of new business. The management of eMax Worldwide did not anticipate this much growth in such a short time. New Unified Corp. was formed to acquire operating company investments in the area of income producing 1) Real estate, 2) Oil, gas and alternative energy companies and 3) commodity producing operations in the US and international trade activities. The company's objectives are to acquire companies that will help to put Americans back to work and produce more USA made products. New Unified Corp. divisions include: 1) New Unified International Trade and Commodities Division, 2) New Unified Realty, 3) New Unified Energy, 4) New Unified Finance and, 5) New Unified Technologies.

eMax Worldwide has engaged the investor relations firm Rockport Equity, LLC,, to handle all future shareholder relations. Rockport has been very successful in working with the capital markets representing the company.
eMax Worldwide, Inc. ( is a diversified holding company acquiring and growing family and morally valued multimedia, entertainment, communication, broadcasting, high-end technologies, real estate, energy, international trade, commodities and finance industries through two corporations, eMax Media Inc.,, and New Unified Corp.,

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created thereby. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the future press releases of eMax.

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