November 13, 2007 08:00 ET

eMedTV Unveils Web's Largest Library of Original Health Education Videos

Innovative Health Information Web Site Combines Straight Talk From Medical Experts With Thousands of Educational Videos

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - eMedTV ( today unveiled the only health information Web site to empower consumers through a mix of straightforward, conversational language and access to nearly 3,000 original health education videos covering hundreds of medical conditions, procedures and treatments.

The site's impressive library of original health educations videos -- the largest available on the Web today -- is combined with eMedTV's growing collection of more than 16,000 easy-to-understand print articles covering more than 2,000 health topics. In turn, eMedTV helps its users not only better understand their health, but also play a more active role in planning their healthcare with their physician.

"For many consumers, getting straight answers to medical questions -- whether from a physician or the Web -- is intimidating and complicated," said Dr. Art Schoenstadt, founder and president of eMedTV. "eMedTV is truly health information brought to life. We give you the option of reading articles or watching the Web's largest library of original health education videos available online so you can make more informed and confident healthcare decisions."

Many health Web sites license the majority of their content from the same small handful of sources, Schoenstadt said. This results in a lack of fresh perspectives and a cookie-cutter approach to health information that prioritizes marketing and profits ahead of what's best for consumers.

"Original content is another area where eMedTV is different," Schoenstadt said. "We go well beyond licensed content to offer original videos and articles, all produced by health, fitness and medical experts."

eMedTV's vast library of multimedia content has been used by the National Institutes of Health and top medical centers within the United States and overseas.

The breadth and depth of eMedTV's health topics also make it an essential site for any patient, including those who are low-literate or illiterate. Unlike most online medical information -- which is text-heavy and loaded with jargon -- eMedTV's easy-to-understand videos and articles allow patients to learn about thousands of health topics at their own pace.

In addition to its health education videos available in English, eMedTV also offers a selection of videos in Spanish, German, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Dutch and Swiss-German. The site will also feature up-to-date news, as well as tips and facts of the day.

To further enrich its multimedia offerings, eMedTV also plans to launch an online community of both patients and healthcare professionals in the coming months. Upcoming features will include an "Ask an Expert" section, message boards, blogs, polls and quizzes.

About eMedTV:

eMedTV is the only health information Web site that combines straight talk from medical experts with the Web's largest library of original health education videos.

eMedTV provides consumers with thousands of short videos and articles designed to quickly and easily educate them about a wide variety of diseases, treatments and procedures. The site's award-winning original content has been used by the National Institutes of Health and top medical centers both within the United States and overseas.

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