SOURCE: Crootpad Inc.

February 28, 2008 10:00 ET

Emergence of a Hybrid Social Networking Platform -- Exclusive for Recruiters

SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - February 28, 2008) - Crootpad Inc. announced today a new beta release of their web platform (, a free hybrid social networking platform exclusive for recruiters, with the added capability of "MYPAD."

The release of will dramatically challenge the way recruiters look at the social networking platforms. claims to be the world's first hybrid social networking platform with its central idea to go "beyond building relationships." The term Hybrid describes how uniquely blends the social networking feature with sharing of information for recruiters in terms of both job and candidate.

The site is gaining amazing popularity and momentum after its beta release on Jan 15th, 2008. The site already added more than 500 professional Recruiters and a steady stream of recruiters are flocking into the site to exploit its potential. According to the company the site had to be locked from adding new users for two weeks to control the feral growth during the 1st beta phase.

An even more powerful feature now added is the availability of "MYPAD," a unique portal for the individual recruiter. MYPAD shows the information about the recruiter for a given time period, along with the user's job postings and list of candidates available.

According to Dolly Thomas, Innovation Director at, "Our mission is to pursue our passion in making Crootpad a leading Hybrid social platform for our users to network, share ideas, manage careers and build e-trading communities. Currently recruiters can exploit Crootpad in a multitude of ways. They can build and expand their network, share their opinions through private or public groups, share jobs and candidates through our enhanced collaboration and communication tools. We endeavor to keep abreast with cutting edge developments that enhance our platform to better serve our users."

Crootpad is determined in continued enhancement to radically revolutionize the site and to augment its capabilities. Already in progress are enhancement of the site to make it more towards the web 2.0 technology and customizable MYPAD.


Crootpad (, a hybrid web 2.0 social networking platform that synchronizes, synergizes and harmonizes networking, talent management, career management and e-trading under one click.

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