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Centre Canadien d'Etude et de Coopération Internationale

October 14, 2005 14:56 ET

Emergency in Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador: Luck Mervil Supports Efforts to Provide Assistance to Hurricane Stan Victims Who Have Been Forgotten by International Aid

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 14, 2005) - The committee to aid Hurricane Stan victims, represented by Mario Rene Henández, treasurer of the Canada-Guatemala chamber of commerce, Ana Gloria Blanch, director of the Centre d'aide aux familles immigrantes (Mexico), Ramon Quintanilla, director of the CEDESAL chamber of commerce (El Salvador), Marcel Tremblay, special advisor to Mayor Gerald Tremblay and responsible for intercultural relations for the City of Montreal, Paolo Tamburello, mayor of the Villeray - Saint-Michel - Parc Extension borough, Luck Mervil, spokesperson for CECI and Chantal-Sylvie Imbeault, deputy executive director of CECI, launched an emergency campaign this morning to help the victims of Hurricane Stan and the earthquakes that wreaked havoc on Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

According to an initial report, 652 people died in Guatemala, hundreds disappeared and the body count is far from complete. Over 136 609 Guatemalans were injured, 3.5 million are deprived of water and electricity, 89 675 are lodged in 280 temporary shelters and 5 352 houses are seriously damaged. A state of emergency has been declared. As in Pakistan and Kashmir, the victims, extremely poor families living in difficult to reach mountain areas, are cut off from everything and everyone. Over 118 villages are completely isolated and two have been totally wiped off the map, engulfed by a sea of mud. Today, mass graves were dug in villages now renamed "cemetery villages". In El Salvador, Hurricane Stan and the earthquakes caused over 60 000 people to be evacuated and 42 people died in Mexico.

The committee to aid Hurricane Stan victims, the City of Montreal and CECI are collecting funds that will be used to:

1. purchase and distribute necessities onsite,
2. launch cleaning and sanitation work,
3. rebuild homes.

All of the funds will be received, managed and redirected by CECI in the affected areas. Present in Guatemala for 15 years and in El Salvador for 12, CECI has teams onsite to coordinate the operations. Funds raised for Mexico will be redirected to a partner organization that is working in that country. An artistic day of solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Stan will be held on Sunday, October 16th 2005.

CECI volunteers are ready to take your calls and to collect donations.

Telephone number for Emergency in Guatemala - El Salvador - Mexico:
1-877-875-2324 or online donation at

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