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August 04, 2009 05:00 ET

Emergency Medical Supply Tracking Program Released by Mobile BIS

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 4, 2009) - In concert with Federal efforts, BIS Computer Solutions and Mobile BIS have announced the national release of their highly acclaimed medications tracking program utilized during terrorist and natural emergencies to help cities, counties, and states to respond to urgent medical supply requirements.

BIS Computer Solutions' "Inventory Management System" (IMS) helps agencies acquire, store and disseminate medical supplies directly to the "points of dispensing" or PODs. This system was originally developed in response to the Homeland Security Department's initiative for their Strategic National Stockpile program administered by the Center for Disease Control. Large cities or regions may have hundreds of PODs, requiring a mobile computer and communications system to ensure the safe and swift distribution of medications.

"Behind the scenes of any community medical crisis, from the recent Swine Flu pandemic to seasonal floods, the public assumes that there is an infrastructure in place to distribute critically needed medical supplies," Mobile BIS President Michael Macho explained. In fact, while the Federal Government has conceived and provides funding for an emergency distribution system, called the Cities Readiness Initiative, many municipalities are ill-equipped to respond efficiently -- an especially challenging reality when time is of the essence.

"Storing medications in a warehouse doesn't deliver the inventory to the doctors and nurses on the frontline," Macho explained. "The key is to have an easy to use system that can instantly gear-up and track the flow of medications through the full distribution cycle -- from supplier to warehouse and out to the dispensing locations," Macho added.

Mobile BIS's IMS helps counties and states track the distribution all of the way from warehouse to patient. In moments of massive deployment, the IMS program is the backbone for the distribution of critical medications, including returning unused meds back to the warehouse. A dozen 18 wheelers can be waiting for staff to receive the goods into the warehouse and stage it properly for the ultimate users.

"The system helps initiate readiness and then turns on with a matrix of solutions when it's needed," Macho said. "Once it's activated, it provides instant tracking and communications between warehouses, treatment centers and Points of Dispensing, transportation, medical personnel, and management -- including mobile access in more remote areas," Macho added.

The program also provides for a depth of detail to enhance distribution efficiency, including the type of delivery truck, loading requirements, authorized security personnel, and specific POD requests.

The IMS program is already in place in select cities and is now being rolled-out across the nation.

"Municipal management has had tremendous success with the program, reducing administrative time and costs -- and ensuring the timely delivery of medications," Macho said.

One of Mobile BIS's partners, DOBBS RAM and Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is helping to market the software product on the east coast.

"It has been an extraordinary collaboration," Ronald McCrae, President of DOBBS RAM and Company, said. "The technology is not only leading edge, but there is great satisfaction in delivering a product that could ultimately save lives."

Mobile BIS, a division of BIS Computer Solutions, provides software applications and solutions for mobile devices -- smart phones and handheld computers -- to automate a company's operations, accelerate responsiveness of its field and transportation personnel and maximize customer satisfaction. Mobile BIS is an Oracle Certified Partner and a member of the Oracle Development Alliance. Its mobile solutions are developed and implemented using the Oracle 10g database and Oracle 10g lite mobile application server. A global technology firm, it maintains offices in Los Angeles, New York, Italy and India.

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