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January 16, 2015 14:57 ET

Emerging Equity Markets Generated Positive Returns Despite Energy Drag: Russell Indexes

Falling Oil Prices Good News for Some Emerging Markets, Bad News for Others, According to Russell Emerging Markets Expert

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jan 16, 2015) -  The Russell Emerging Markets Index gained 2.6% year-to-date as of 14 January 2015. This followed a 4.4% increase for the Index in the second half of 2014.

The impact of falling oil prices impacted sector performance. Within the Index, the Energy (+0.7%) and Materials & Processing (+1.9%) sectors were at the bottom of the pack in 2015 year-to-date. This followed losses of (-20.2%) and (-5.6%), respectively, in the second half of 2014.

Oil exporter Russia which was the worst performing country in the index for the second half of 2014 with a (-36.9%) loss, has rebounded this year, generating 3.8% as of 14 January 2015. This year Turkey has been the strongest performer returning 7.4%.

Gustavo Galindo -
Senior Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager, Russell Investments
"Emerging markets comprise a diverse set of markets and economies. No longer can investors take a broad brush approach when investing in emerging markets, as the returns we saw in the second half of 2014 and so far in 2015 show that we are seeing a divergence in performance at a country and sector level."

"While falling oil prices have certainly had an impact on the region, the impact is not all bad. In the case of certain oil importing markets such as India, China and Turkey, the impact has actually been good. We continue to see value in certain, but not all, emerging markets, reinforcing the importance of a fundamental, bottom-up approach." 

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Russell Emerging Markets Index Sector & Country Returns   YTD 2015 a/o 14 January   Second Half 2014
Russell Emerging Markets Index   2.6%   4.4%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Health Care Sector   4.1%   19.0%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Consumer Discretionary Sector   3.9%   3.8%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Consumer Staples Sector   3.6%   3.2%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Technology Sector   3.3%   8.6%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Producer Durables Sector   2.6%   6.6%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Utilities Sector   2.4%   7.9%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Financial Services Sector   2.0%   12.7%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Materials & Processing Sector   1.9%   -5.6%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Energy Sector   0.7%   -20.2%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Turkey   7.4%   11.0%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Philippines   6.2%   16.6%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Korea   4.9%   -2.2%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Thailand   4.6%   14.0%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - China   4.3%   20.1%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - India   4.2%   16.4%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Russia   3.8%   -36.9%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - United Arab Emirates   3.0%   8.7%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - South Africa   2.5%   9.2%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Poland   1.7%   -3.1%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Greece   1.5%   -34.3%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Taiwan   0.4%   9.3%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Brazil   -0.1%   -12.0%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Indonesia   -0.5%   16.4%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Malaysia   -0.7%   -1.9%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Mexico   -0.9%   0.6%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Chile   -3.0%   3.3%
Russell Emerging Markets Index - Colombia   -7.5%   -17.2%

Source: Russell Investments. Total returns, euro denominated.

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Russell Emerging Markets Index country constituents the Czech Republic, Hungary, Morocco and Peru do not meet external reporting requirements (less than 10 total company constituents and/or a company constituent with more than a 30% weight within the country). 

Global equity involves risk associated with investments primarily in equity securities of companies located around the world, including the United States. International securities can involve risks relating to political and economic instability or regulatory conditions. Investments in emerging or developing markets involve exposure to economic structures that are generally less diverse and mature, and to political systems which can be expected to have less stability than those of more developed countries.

Investments in emerging or developing markets involve exposure to economic structures that are generally less diverse and mature, and to political systems which can be expected to have less stability than those of more developed countries. Securities may be less liquid and more volatile than US and longer-established non-US markets.

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