Emerging Frontiers

Emerging Frontiers

January 12, 2015 09:30 ET

Emerging Frontiers Launches Equity Crowdfinance Platform to Help the 'Missing Middle' of Small Businesses in the Developing World

First listing will raise US$400,000 for frontier market telecom hardware start-up Endaga Inc.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Jan. 12, 2015) - Emerging Frontiers announced today that it has launched its private investor platform that will disrupt the rapidly growing market for private investment opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.

Emerging Frontiers is a bridge that links successful entrepreneurs in frontier and emerging markets to sophisticated and accredited investors who are searching for institutional quality opportunities. The first listing on its equity crowdfunding platform is Endaga Inc., a California-based company that delivers profitable, low-cost rural telecommunications network solutions worldwide. The company has recently completed a US$800,000 seed round and has retained Emerging Frontiers to raise a further US$400,000 through its private investor platform.

Emerging Frontiers CEO Kevin Virgil said, "Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in frontier and emerging markets are often neglected by both developmental aid organizations and large institutional investors, leaving them, and entire market economies, vulnerable. Our mission is to connect them with our network of investors and provide the capital that they need to grow and succeed. We believe that high-quality entrepreneurs in frontier markets should have the same opportunities as their counterparts in Silicon Valley."

Kevin Virgil, a serial entrepreneur and founding partner of Pathfinder Capital, a frontier markets investment advisor, is joined by an experienced team of finance professionals to include Baldwin Berges, the former managing director of Silk Invest; and Mark Moline, co-founder of the Seraph private investor network.

"Today's investment landscape for developing economies provides challenges both to the investor and the entrepreneur", said Emerging Frontiers co-founder Mark Moline. "The IFC estimates that the unmet capital needs for SMEs in these markets is in excess of US$1 trillion. However, sophisticated investors are often locked out of private investment opportunities in these markets due to the high investment minimums and exorbitant fees required by traditional fund managers. With minimum capital requirements of as little as $5,000 per investment, sophisticated investors can browse the Emerging Frontiers platform of pre-screened, private investment opportunities that have until now been hidden from view within frontier and emerging markets around the world."

"Endaga's growth strategy will largely be driven within frontier and emerging markets, and therefore Emerging Frontiers is a natural fit for us," said Endaga CEO Kurtis Heimerl. "We are excited about the value that the Emerging Frontiers platform can create for us, both because of the management team's experience in developing markets, and because they have built an ecosystem of accredited investors who understand and appreciate the opportunities and potential in the countries where we will do business."

About Emerging Frontiers:

Emerging Frontiers is a digital media and crowdfunding platform that provides 'main street' accredited investors with the information and deal flow that has always been available to Wall Street. Managed by a group of experienced finance professionals and entrepreneurs, Emerging Frontiers offers access to vetted institutional-quality investment opportunities from frontier and emerging markets, as an alternative to managed funds. We also host news, information, and analysis on important yet under-reported stories from the world's fastest-growing economies.

About Endaga:

Endaga creates inexpensive, easy-to-operate telecom hardware that allows anyone, anywhere, to create their own cellular network for a very low cost.

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