April 25, 2007 10:00 ET

Emergis to Provide Electronic Health Record Solution to Hawkesbury General Hospital of Ontario

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 25, 2007) - Emergis Inc. (TSX:EME) today announced that Hawkesbury General Hospital, a 69-bed community hospital in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) of Ontario, has purchased the Company's Oacis electronic health record (EHR) solution. An EHR solution allows health care professionals to rapidly and securely access a complete record of a patient's health history online and in real time. Hawkesbury General is the second hospital to purchase the Oacis solution in the Champlain LHIN after The Ottawa Hospital and the fourth in Ontario.

"With this new contract, Emergis strengthens its presence in the Champlain region and Ontario's health IT sector," said Mark Groper, Executive Vice-President, Health (Public Sector at Emergis. "We are pleased that Hawkesbury has chosen Oacis as the best possible solution to complete the electronic transformation of their systems and are proud to collaborate with them to improve the delivery of health care in the region."

The installation of the full suite of Oacis web-based products at Hawkesbury General Hospital will begin in the fall of 2007. Emergis will provide the professional resources required for the implementation of the system. Oacis modules to be installed include: a clinical viewer, which enables clinicians to quickly access the patient's online record from any secure Internet connection; an order management capability to provide more informed decision-making, reduce medication errors and increase patient safety; and online clinical documentation modules to record clinical observations and create clinical notes, resulting in a significant reduction in handwritten information and the electronic transformation of clinical processes.

"Through the flexibility of Oacis, we are able to implement an electronic health record solution that meets the specific needs of our hospital and clinicians, and also allows for the viewing and sharing of clinical data for patients that are common to The Ottawa Hospital and Hawkesbury Hospital," said Luc Seguin, Acting CEO and Vice-President of Financial and Information Services, Hawkesbury General Hospital. "The deployment of Oacis is the culmination of our strategic IT vision and plan."

Hawkesbury General Hospital is a bilingual community hospital that serves the Town of Hawkesbury and the region that includes the eastern part of Ontario and the western part of Quebec. It is part of the Champlain LHIN, one of 14 regional health organizations formed as a result of the "Transformation Agenda" established by Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Comprising over 200 health care organizations of various types and sizes across the continuum of care, the network spans 20,000 square kilometers including several small communities, rural areas, and the Ottawa urban area. Nearly 1.2 million people reside within the Champlain LHIN, representing almost 10% of all Ontarians.

In addition to deploying Oacis at two hospitals within the Champlain LHIN, Emergis has also implemented its Oacis EMPI (enterprise master patient index) application in hospitals across the region in an effort to link up patient records throughout eastern Ontario. The application compares key data elements from multiple patient records in various facilities and determines the probability that they are or are not related to the same patient, thus saving significant time and cost for hospital personnel and reducing wait times for patients by creating more complete patient records.

About Oacis

Oacis is an interoperable EHR solution that addresses all aspects of patient record-keeping to support patient management as well as clinical care. An interoperable EHR solution allows clinicians from multiple health delivery institutions to view and update an integrated patient health record, which includes demographic, diagnostic imaging, drug, laboratory, infectious disease, immunization and other relevant health information anywhere, any time. It ensures that caregivers have access to complete, accurate, and up-to-date patient records within one facility within multiple health care organizations across geographic regions which often have different information systems. The Oacis solution supports health care professionals with collaborative tools which permit better informed decisions, driving improvements in the quality of care and patient outcomes and improved patient safety. Already installed in hospitals in Canada, the United States and Australia, Emergis expects to expand its client base in other geographic areas. Visit www.emergis.com/solutions/health/clinical_care/default.aspx to view a clip of the World Business Review's Health Journal Television, in which Montreal health care professionals discuss the benefits of Oacis.

About Emergis

Emergis is an IT leader in Canada that focuses on the health and financial services sectors. It develops and manages solutions that automate interactions and the secure exchange of information to increase the process efficiency and quality of service of its customers. Emergis has expertise in electronic health-related claims processing, health record systems, pharmacy management solutions, cash management and loan document processing and registration. In Canada, Emergis delivers solutions to the main insurance companies, top financial institutions, government agencies, hospitals, large corporations, real estate lawyers and notaries and 2,900 pharmacies. Its electronic health record solutions are also delivered in the U.S. and Australia. The Company's shares (TSX:EME) are included in the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

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