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emFAST Inc.

March 20, 2008 14:52 ET

emFAST Inc.: FACSys® Network Fax-A Small Step for Business Processes-A Giant Leap for the Environment

emFAST Inc. launches its GO GREEN. SEE GREEN(SM) campaign to educate companies about the cost- and energy-saving features of network faxing with FACSys®

BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - emFAST Inc., the publisher of the FACSys® Fax Messaging Gateway, has announced the launch of its GO GREEN. SEE GREENSM campaign in an effort to educate organizations about the energy-conserving and cost-saving features of network-based faxing.

FACSys® has transformed fax messaging from a simple document-transport mechanism into an indispensible business tool that fully integrates into critical communication areas including business process workflows, multi-function peripheral devices and major Enterprise Content Management and Resource Planning systems.

"Faxing, though an essential part of daily office activities, has increasingly negative impacts on our environment," says Isabel King, Director of Marketing, emFAST Inc. "Besides wasting paper and demolishing millions of trees, the traditional manual fax consumes a lot of energy and increases a company's overall carbon footprint." "It may seem like a small step," adds King, "but switching from traditional manual fax to FACSys® network-based faxing can have a significant, positive impact on a company's bottom line as well as the environment."

Since FACSys® is a digitally-centric technology, it allows users to send, receive and route fax documents, easily and securely, through their network - effectively eliminating paper from the faxing process and making the energy-inefficient fax machine obsolete.

"We're thrilled to be taking this timely initiative," exclaims Paul Bird, Managing Director, emFAST Inc. "Since FACSys® itself is a green technology - eliminating the need for paper, toner/ink, electricity and filing storage - it only makes sense that we push this concept forward and educate our dealers/distributors about the benefits of FACSys® network fax communication and management."

Benefits of FACSys®

- Multi-server clustering, active load balancing and redundant failover to enhance business continuity capabilities

- Extensive integration tools linking to critical business processes that enable faxing from any application

- 24/7 access to easily searchable and retrievable documents that are stored safely on the network

- Inbound Routing Table ensures that content-sensitive material is delivered to the right place at the right time

- A fully scalable enterprise faxing solution that grows with your organization's needs

About FACSys®

FACSys® came to the forefront of fax technology in 1990 and subsequently became the first network-based fax platform certified for use with Microsoft® Windows NT. With a variety of organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, the current installation base exceeds 54,000 licensed servers and over 5 million licensed users.

About emFAST Inc.

emFAST Inc, with its flagship product - FACSys - has been constantly evolving network fax technology since 1990. Through the development of strategic alliances with leading technology partners, emFAST provides increased efficiency to organizations, maximizing the convenience and ubiquity of fax for reliable and effective business communications. www.emFAST.com www.green.emFAST.com

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