Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Skin Care

November 26, 2012 10:00 ET

Eminence Organic Skin Care to Plant a Tree for Every Product Sold

The spa industry's leading organic skin care brand takes its long-standing commitment to the environment to a new whole new level to fight global climate change.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2012) - Imagine if your daily skin care routine was an active contribution to the fight against climate change. By choosing Éminence Organic Skin Care (www.eminenceorganics.com), you can do just that. Taking their commitment to the environment to a whole new level, Éminence is thrilled to announce an exciting new environmental initiative: Starting November 26th, one tree will be planted for every product sold!

Every time one of their active organic or Biodynamic® products is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go towards planting a tree to help clean up the air and support the world's natural resources. Every product they sell will now equal one tree planted around the world. In the first year of the program they are estimated to plant the equivalent of over 1000 football fields of trees.

"We're so excited about our Forests for the Future initiative. Planting even just one tree can make such a difference," said President and Founder of Éminence, Boldijarre Koronczay. "Deforestation is the leading cause of climate change. If we want to protect the future of our planet, and our own health, tree planting has to be a part of the plan. We're committed to rebuilding and restoring the environment one product--and now one tree--at a time."

The world loses millions of acres of trees due to deforestation every year. In just a year, one tree has the ability to produce 260 pounds of oxygen and absorb as much carbon as a car produces driving 26,000 miles. Trees also lower air temperature, stabilize soil and contribute to the fertility of land. Through partnerships with award-winning global tree planting organizations like Trees for the Future (www.treesforthefuture.org), Éminence Organic Skin Care is not only committed to beautiful skin with premium organic skin care, but restoring and rebuilding the environment for a healthier, and more beautiful, planet.

About Éminence

Voted "Favorite Skin Care Line" by skin care professionals 4 years in a row, Éminence Organic Skin Care is the award-winning provider of the most effective organic and Biodynamic® skin care products. With more than half a century of herbal craftsmanship and several centuries of unsurpassed skin rejuvenation techniques unique to Hungary, we offer the highest quality skin care to leading salons, spas and their clients in 24 countries around the world. Our superior spa treatments and products rely on a unique combination of hand-picked fresh ingredients which are hand-mixed with pure waters drawn from thermal hot springs. Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps and peels begin the regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce. Since our inception in 1958, Éminence has been committed to creating products that are kind to the environment by using sustainable farming and green practices.

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