July 16, 2008 08:00 ET

EmLogis' Workforce Modeling Proven for Healthcare

Significant Savings Delivered to Dialysis Clinics

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - EmLogis announced today it will deploy its new Generator© technology for Workforce Modeling at Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI) facilities as a result of a successful initial implementation at several DCI clinics. The outcome of the program demonstrated that significant operational efficiencies can be attained through the EmLogis solution.

"The exceptional results of Generators' implementation at DCI locations clearly demonstrated immediate measurable savings while maintaining the highest quality of patient care," said Martin Estill, CEO of EmLogis. "We are very pleased to work with the DCI professionals in collaborating to prove significant results at all the initial clinics. As you might expect," continued Estill, "we look forward to working with DCI during the roll out of our system throughout their network of clinics."

Bill Wood, Director of Operations and Assistant Treasurer for DCI, commented, "We are pleased to be working with EmLogis to help increase our operational efficiencies while maintaining our high quality of care. The success of the program has long reaching impact on our business and our constant dedication to deliver the best for our caregivers and patients."

EmLogis' initial implementation at DCI was designed to prove that its unique Workforce Modeling capabilities would deliver measurable savings and operational efficiencies. As part of the program, EmLogis deployed its technology as an Internet-enabled service, trained corporate staff and facility managers while working with DCI to build a foundation that defined best practices for employee logistics. The program addressed each clinic as a unique business entity while at the same time established scalable processes for enterprise-wide distribution using existing DCI resources.

About Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI)

Since 1971 DCI has become one of the nation's premier dialysis companies with over 200 outpatient dialysis centers throughout America. Established as a non-profit organization, DCI is dedicated to caring for end-stage renal disease patients beyond clinic operations, which includes support of kidney-related research and education through its affiliations with various universities and teaching hospitals throughout the country. The Company also dedicates a significant amount of its resources to furthering the transplantation of kidneys for its patients, and to this end founded DCI Donor Services, Inc., an organ procurement agency with operations in Tennessee, California, and New Mexico.

DCI is dedicated to meet patients' concerns by becoming acquainted with each patient to understand their individual problems and needs -- physical, emotional, spiritual, and social -- to achieve the mutual goal of complete patient rehabilitation. The care of the patient is DCI's reason for existence.

About EmLogis

EmLogis is an emerging technology services company that has successfully delivered Workforce Modeling for healthcare organizations. The EmLogis GENERATOR™ product uses a unique breakthrough solution, Adaptive Programming, to integrate caregiver resources with healthcare demand curves to identify resource and expertise efficiencies that reduce payroll and simultaneously increase employee preferences. By leveraging the Internet as a service platform, the EmLogis system is capable of scaling from a single unit operation to enterprise-wide deployment with on demand performance insight. GENERATOR has proven to simplify employee logistics, deliver significant efficiency gains and a positive ROI while enhancing employee satisfaction and patient care performance. For more information go to:

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