January 15, 2015 09:31 ET

EMONEY GROUP Creates Seamless Contactless Smart Card and Mobile Experience

HOOFDDORP, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwired - Jan. 15, 2015) - EMONEY GROUP, designer and operator of Smart Programs, introduced together with SAMSUNG Electronics a new concept of contactless applications that leverages the current physical world infrastructures, and unifies consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, wearable as well as smart cards.

EMONEY GROUP and SAMSUNG are introducing one application concept, which allows users to easily choose device or form factor he or she want to use - an NFC smart phone, tablet, RFID card, sticker, watch, or other wearable electronics. The relationship between these items and the user is managed transparently by a 'brain in the cloud' through EMONEY GROUP proven account-based functions.

"At Samsung Semiconductors we were keen to demonstrate our product capability for CIPURSE applications across a wide range of today's world's use cases. In EMONEY GROUP we found a system integrator partner with a similarly open mindset, committed to open ecosystems that leverage innovative technologies, including CIPURSE. They brought pivotal know-how on smart programs and city card applications, technical expertise & project management, great energy level and most importantly, delivered a solution that works within a very challenging timeline!" commented Jörg Suchy, Associate Director Smart Card & NFC Business Development, Samsung Semiconductors.

The technical foundation CIPURSE has been jointly developed by members of the Open Standard for Public Transportation (OSPT) Alliance and enables new levels of multi-application, interoperability and flexibility. SAMSUNG and EMONEY GROUP, both active OSPT Alliance members, have partnered to leverage CIPURSE technical foundation and built an interactive application to showcase today and tomorrow real various use of digital and physical worlds with a level of freedom and flexibility previously unseen.

"We are excited to have materialized our smart program know-how in close collaboration with Samsung. Such concept and Samsung digital leadership enable unseen convenience for users and can drive down implementation and operational costs for our clients", added Christian Senly, CTO of EMONEY GROUP.

The new concept will be presented at numbers of shows and places during 2015 including OMNI Card trade fair in Berlin on January 20-22, as well as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona during March 2-5.


EMONEY GROUP is an international company that designs, builds and operates Smart Programs through local ventures putting together best-of-breed models and components, using proven methods and technologies to effectively combine global experiences with a thorough understanding of local needs and demands. Its core business is smart card and other mobile solutions for municipalities, regional governments, transport and retail businesses; covering mainly ticketing, micro-payment, e-ID, and e-Vouchers applications.

The company activities are in Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia. The head office of EMONEY GROUP is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

You can find more information at: www.emoneyventures.com

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