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Empire Life

February 02, 2012 16:30 ET

Empire Life Launches Loyalty Program to Help Investors Save on Fees

KINGSTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 2, 2012) - The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life) today announced the launch of the Empire for Life™ Loyalty Program. The Program is a way to help investors save on fees while investing in their future.

"We wanted to recognize loyalty in a way that helps customers achieve their financial goals faster," said Julie Yoshikuni, Vice-President, Investment Products and Marketing. "Every dollar counts, especially over long periods of time, and our new program helps investors accumulate wealth sooner by saving on fees."

About Empire for Life Loyalty Program

  • Starting January 2012, if customers are invested in an Empire Life Class Segregated Funds contract for the next 10 consecutive years, they are eligible to receive an annual credit equal to 5% of the management fee based on their investment in the Funds*.
  • The Program also applies to Empire Life Class Plus, Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life®.
  • Eligible customers were automatically enrolled on January 9, 2012. A customer enrolled in January 2012 would begin to receive the 5% annual credit on 2022 management fees.

"Not only do investors benefit from guarantees and the investment expertise of Empire Life, they now have a new way to help them save money while investing for their future," says Yoshikuni.

About Empire Life

A subsidiary of E-L Financial Corporation Limited and in business since 1923, Empire Life helps Canadians build wealth and protect their financial security with competitive individual and group life and health insurance, investment and retirement products. The company's vision is to be the leading, independently-owned, Canadian financial services company committed to simplicity, being easy to do business with and having a personal touch.

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*Additional deposits to any Empire Class Segregated Funds contract, made after January 9, 2012, will also be eligible for the management fee credit. Contract Owners must have Empire Class Segregated Fund units at the credit of their contract on the date the management fee credit is allocated in order to receive it. The management fee credit will be equal to 5% of the management fee of the Fund Class Units that are attributed to the clients' contract following the qualification period. The management fee credit will be used to purchase additional Fund Class Units and will be allocated proportionately based on the Market Value of each Fund(s) that the client is invested in on December 31st of each year (or the last valuation date of the year, if earlier). A description of the key features of the individual variable insurance contract is contained in the Information Folder for the product being considered. Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract owner and may increase or decrease in value.

® Registered trademark of The Empire Life Insurance Company. ™ Trademark of The Empire Life Insurance Company. Policies are issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company.

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