June 30, 2008 13:34 ET

Employers Can Measure Transitional-Duty Savings With Free Online Calculator

Now Available at

MANSFIELD, CT--(Marketwire - June 30, 2008) - A new free online calculator shows how much money an employer can save by bringing back injured employees sooner with transitional-duty jobs.

The return-to-work cost-savings calculator is available at

The calculator is a quick, easy-to-use tool that shows management how much the transitional-duty program is saving the organization. It also calculates how much a particular lost-time claim costs the employer.

The calculator is one of many free tools available on Workers Comp Kit®, a comprehensive Web-based cost-control program for employers of all sizes and types.

Transitional-duty programs let injured employees become productive sooner by giving them real jobs to do while they heal. But setting up or maintaining a program can be a tough sell unless you can show senior management the bottom-line benefits, according to Rebecca Shafer, president of Amaxx, provider of Workers Comp Kit.

Dollar Saved = $10 Earned

The calculator shows how $1 saved can be equivalent to $10 earned, depending on profit margins. For example, XYZ Widget Company's profit margin is 10 percent. If it can save $100,000 with a transitional-duty program, that's equivalent to putting $1 million of new revenue on the books. A company with a 5 percent margin would benefit twice as much.

"These calculations are real eye-openers," Shafer said. "Given a tough economy, organizations will find it difficult to grow their top lines. Saving on workers' compensation through transitional duty and other proven strategies makes a big difference on the bottom line."

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