SOURCE: Empower Energies, Inc.

Empower Energies, Inc.

March 05, 2014 15:27 ET

Empower Energies Announces a 3.7MW Solar Project in the Town of Shirley, Massachusetts

FREDERICK, MD--(Marketwired - March 05, 2014) - Empower Energies, Inc., a leading Clean Energy Portfolio Solutions company, announces the development of a 3.7MWDC solar array in the Town of Shirley, MA. The project will feature approximately 12,830 6.5'-by-3' photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, situated on 23 acres of Shirley Water District land.

"It is pleasing to say that we now have the Devens project underway," said Town of Shirley Energy Committee Chairman Bryan Dumont. "This has been a perfect example of a cooperative effort between two governmental entities working for the good of the entire community. The new system will deliver enough electricity to power 630 homes every year in Massachusetts, lowering municipal electricity bills and providing a substantial new revenue stream over the next 20 years."

The project was co-developed with EPG Solar, a Washington, DC-based developer with over 17MW of experience on-the-ground in Massachusetts. It will deliver approximately 4,800 MWh of electricity annually to the Deven's Utilities Department, a subsidiary of MassDevelopment, and is expected to be commissioned and operational by end of June, 2014.

"From the beginning, this project has been a model of perseverance and creativity for all of the parties involved," said Robert Babcock, a Managing Partner with EPG Solar. "We worked diligently in cooperation with all the constituencies -- the Town of Shirley Energy Committee, the Water District, and the Devens' Utilities Department -- to best represent the interests of the people they serve. This significant renewable energy project, well-sited to protect the environment and minimize impact on the surrounding area, will serve the people of Shirley and Devens well for the next 20 years and beyond."

"Projects like this one are characterized by a complex set of transactions, followed by the interaction of an array of companies with disparate but interdependent skill sets," said Len Jornlin, CEO of Empower Energies. "As developer on the Devens project, we were thrilled to serve as the hub of these skill sets. It enabled us to connect the dots, and help our co-developer EPG Solar to get the project over the finish line for Green States Energy and the Town of Shirley."

Empower Energies and EPG Solar selected Green States Energy, Inc., to be the investor/owner of the solar system.

"What a great fit this is for us," said Stephen Clevett, CEO of Green States Energy. "As an owner and operator of clean electric generation plants, of course it is our objective to build our asset base. And this project is perfectly scaled for our growth strategy at this particular point in time. But we also want to work with customers and partners who share our values, and are moving forward for the right reasons. We found that here, and we look forward to being part of the Devens and Shirley communities for years to come."

"The initiation of the Devens project is truly a testament to the people in the local community who have involved themselves in the process," Jornlin continued. "In this case, it also reflects the significant capabilities of our chosen local development partners, like EPG Solar. We actively and deliberately seek such strong local partners across the country, and around the world, because their local knowledge and connectivity add to the efficiency and economic value delivered for the customers and communities we serve."

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