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Empower Materials Inc.

April 27, 2011 11:56 ET

Empower Materials Inc. Develops a New Catalyst System for Improved Commercial Production of Polyalkylene Carbonate

The New Catalyst Enables the Synthesis of Higher Molecular Weight Polymers Than Previously Achievable

NEW CASTLE, DE--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2011) - Empower Materials Inc. has dedicated 20 years in advancing sustainable polymers called Polyalkylene Carbonates, marketed under the QPAC® brand. These revolutionary green plastics are made from carbon dioxide and consume considerably less petrochemicals than other conventional plastics. This technology also allows for sequestering greenhouse gases as a raw material in synthesis. Empower Materials successfully commercialized these plastics over ten years ago. Recent rising costs of oil and fossil fuel extraction have further highlighted the need for this type of sustainable polymer. Empower Materials has realized this potential and has been developing new catalysts to more efficiently manufacture a wider range of Polyalkylene Carbonates to meet different applications such as coatings and packaging for the food and beverage industries.

These efforts have successfully resulted in a more streamlined manufacturing process and catalyst technology that meet the needs of increased efficiency process and the ability to make a wider range of Polyalkylene Carbonates. The focus has primarily been to optimize the process to manufacture QPAC® 25 Polyethylene Carbonate and QPAC® 40 Polypropylene Carbonate. However, the technology also allows for the production of a wide variety of Polyalkylene Carbonates such as QPAC® 60 Polybutylene Carbonate, QPAC® 100 Polypropylene/cyclohexene Terpolymer Carbonate and QPAC® 130 Polycyclohexene Carbonate. The new catalyst has been incorporated and proven in production. QPAC® made from this more streamlined process and new catalyst is currently being evaluated in different types of polymer applications.

The increased energy demand worldwide will put more pressure on the environment. QPAC® Polyalkylene Carbonates offer long-term sustainability because they lessen the dependence on fossil fuel feedstocks. Empower Materials' new advances address these needs and offer a viable solution.

About Empower Materials

Empower Materials is the world's largest manufacturer of Polyalkylene Carbonates (QPAC®), a family of sustainable CO2 based polymers. QPAC® is currently used primarily as a binder in demanding applications that require clean burning and low temperature decomposition properties. It is especially ideal for many electronic and high tech applications. Empower Materials is a privately owned corporation located in New Castle, Delaware.

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