June 22, 2010 15:31 ET

EmpowHER Founder: FDA'S "NO" Vote on Women's "Pink Pill" Doesn't Diminish Need for More Dialogue on Women's Sexual Dysfunction

Women's Health Advocate Michelle King Robson Shares Post-Hearing Thoughts

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  Despite the fact that a panel to the Food and Drug Administration rejected approval of flibanserin, a new women's medication for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), renowned women's health advocate Michelle King Robson, Founder, Chairperson and CEO of EmpowHER, believes the Hearing served a critical purpose -- opening up an important discussion and health debate about the little-known issue of women's sexual dysfunction.

"The FDA panel clearly did not see the scientific benefit in flibanserin, but there was little debate about the impact sexual dysfunction has on women's lives," said King Robson, who testified before the FDA panel on June 18. "While I believe that passage of flibanserin was not going to be a silver bullet for women's sexual health, this Hearing has brought forth awareness of a disorder that affects millions of women, most of whom suffer in silence. Now, drug makers have to work harder to prove their science, and continue working through rigorous clinical trials to identify what will work."

According to the Society for Women's Health Research, while more than 66 percent of women are familiar with erectile dysfunction, only about 9 percent of them are familiar with hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

"I can't recall an issue on our site that has galvanized women's opinion as much as much as this," added King Robson, who testified before the FDA about her own struggle with low libido following a hysterectomy. "Thousands of women who participated in our surveys about sexual dysfunction were strongly in support of treatment for this rarely-discussed medical issue," she said.

Women's sexual health experts agree that there needs to be more open dialogue about women's sexual dysfunction. "Many women believe that low libido or other sexual dysfunction issues are part of the normal aging process and many younger women struggle with this issue as well, but a majority of them are reluctant to share their feelings or talk about what it has done to their lives, their health and their relationships," said Dr. Archelle Georgiou, former EVP of Strategic Relations and Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealth Group and EmpowHER Business Advisory Board Member.

King Robson said more attention needs to be given to this issue, and more effort applied by drug makers and regulatory bodies to create and approve necessary treatments. "It is unconscionable to me that we do not have anything FDA-approved and on the market that at least begins to address a very real biological problem that affects the other half of the world's population," King Robson concluded.

Following the Advisory Committee Hearing on flibanserin, the FDA itself indicated that it expects and wants this dialogue to continue.

EmpowHER has been collecting women's responses to 13 different polls on topics related to this topic and has created a resource center where women can find the latest news and opinions on this issue, access EmpowHER's community focused on female sexual challenges, and watch King Robson's FDA testimony.

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