April 06, 2011 19:28 ET

EmpowHER Launches Rejuvenation Central, a New One-Stop Free Center for Anti-Aging Information and Resources for Women

Incorporating a Healthy Anti-Aging Regimen Can Help Prevent Surgery, Wrinkles and Disease

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - April 6, 2011) - To make it easier for women to learn about the advancements of diet, skin care, exercise and alternative medicine's role in anti-aging -- and to separate myth from fact -- EmpowHER has launched Rejuvenation Central, a free information and resource community about what it takes to try and turn back the clock and improve your overall health.

Our skin is the window of our overall health as well as the most age-noticeable indicator to ourselves and others. But good skin care and turning back the hands of time can demand more than the use of a skin cream. Today, there are many treatments as well as basic health tips to look your best and reverse the tell-tale signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and many other skin conditions, and the growth of new products seems to underscore this trend.

Anti-aging market researchers predict a continued explosion in consumer demand for anti-aging products and services. According to BCC Research, a market forecasting firm, the global anti-aging market was worth $162 billion in 2008. The same researchers expect this total will reach almost $275 billion in 2013. 

"The single most important and affordable anti-aging secret is the use of broad spectrum sunscreen every day," says Dr. Shannon Heck, a board certified dermatologist and expert on EmpowHER. "The best way to get an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on is in your daily moisturizer and make it a routine. Another wonderful anti-aging OTC ingredient is retinol. This is found in many OTC night creams."

Through EmpowHER's Rejuvenation Central, women can gain detailed insight into the physiology behind the aging process, tips on keeping properly hydrated and nourished, credible information on the newest trends in anti-aging, in addition to the integrated support structure offered by the user-generated Aging Skin Community. Other features on the page include expert interviews on various anti-aging tips and member surveys identifying topics that most concern women about their skin.

As of April 6, 2011, EmpowHER surveyed more than 135 women on its website asking, "What is your greatest skin care concern?" The results found that 52 percent are most concerned about aging skin, followed by 30 percent who are concerned with acne, while 13 percent are concerned about cellulite and 5 percent are concerned with varicose veins.

Content on EmpowHER's resource page includes:
Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young
How To Prevent Wrinkles with Dr. Jeanine Downie
Supple Skin At Any Age: Take Our Quiz To Learn How To Get It And Keep It

"We all dream of a magic bullet that can reverse the signs of aging, but the reality is that it takes knowledge and resources to help us learn fact from fiction," says Michelle King Robson, EmpowHER's Founder, Chairperson and CEO. "Skincare is an important issue for women and that's why we have worked hard to create a center with credible information and easy-to-implement routines that can help women look better and feel better, too."

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