December 17, 2009 18:11 ET

EmpowHER Offers Free Resources for Women Dealing With Holiday Depression

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - December 17, 2009) - In an effort to support women all around the world who are having difficulty dealing with the emotional trials and stress that this season brings, EmpowHER, a health media company for women, is providing helpful mental health information on its web site.

EmpowHER has dedicated a special resource page on its site where readers can find articles, videos and other resources on how to cope with the holiday blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression that occurs with seasonal changes), and depression in general.

"While this time of year is joyous for many, it can also be a very tough time of year," says Michelle King Robson, Chairman and Founder of EmpowHER. "EmpowHER has more than 1,500 posts, including articles, videos, and news on mental health issues to help women understand what they are dealing with and to give them a voice in their own health and wellness."

EmpowHER also offers personal and professional views into the world of depression.

"Personally, I am depressed year round, but there are certain periods of time and situations that deepen my depression," says Rheyanne Weaver, an EmpowHER HERWriter who deals with depression. "During the holiday season, I am more stressed out and this leads to more depressive episodes. I make sure that I have friends and family around so that I don't feel lonely. I also try to keep myself occupied with writing, reading, work and other projects in order to avoid having nothing to do and just sleeping."

Dr. Shoshana Bennett ("Dr. Shosh"), an expert on EmpowHER, has some more helpful advice: "Women are frequently the caretakers and social directors of their families. The extra work (often self-imposed) during the holidays can cause stress overload, which contributes to anxiety and depression. If you want your holidays to be joyous, do what supports joy! Slash the 'have-to's' and 'ought-to's' off your list as much as possible (no matter who gets disappointed) and stick to the 'want-to's' and 'excited-about's.'"


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