July 06, 2010 17:53 ET

EmpowHER Offers Free Resources and Information for Women With Questions About Umbilical Cord Blood

EmpowHER Provides Special Resource Page in Support of Cord Blood Awareness Month

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - July 6, 2010) -  EmpowHER is offering free access to world-class health information as well as a community of experts and advocates to the millions of women interested in current research on cord blood and stem cells. These resources are offered in support of the Cord Blood Awareness Month, which occurs in July and is sponsored by the American Hospital Association.

Cord blood is the blood located inside the umbilical cord after the cord has been cut. It is rich with stem cells, which have the ability to regenerate and form cells that create all other tissues, organs, and systems in the human body. The unique and special characteristics of cord blood cells provide the possibility of healing some cancers or inherited diseases. Also, according to the American Pregnancy Association, cord blood stem cells are oftentimes rejected less by the body as compared to healthy adult bone marrow stem cells. If a parent elects to do so, cord blood can be stored at the time of an infant's delivery for medical use in the future. Some experts question the effectiveness of storing cord blood, however, as it may contain the same cells that caused a disease or medical condition in the child, the National Institutes of Health reports.

According to research published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 3 out of every 4 pregnant women consider themselves only "minimally informed" about this issue.

For women wanting to learn more about this issue, EmpowHER offers invaluable content on its site where women can find topical medical articles and guides to additional online resources on cord blood and stem cell research and therapies.

To access cord blood content on EmpowHER, please click the links below:
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"More women need to understand what cord blood donation really entails and what the reasons behind it are," says Michelle King Robson, EmpowHER's Founder, Chairperson and CEO. "This way, pregnant women considering cord blood donation can make more informed decisions when offered this option at childbirth."

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