December 08, 2010 06:00 ET

EmpowHER Offers Resources to Help Women Manage Holiday Stress

Leading Women's Health Media Company Provides Information and a Supportive Community for Women Facing Difficult Times This Holiday Season

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) - Women's health and media company EmpowHER -- home to Top 5 women's health and wellness site, -- is offering a special resource page complete with free world-class health information and a supportive community to help women having a hard time dealing with stress this holiday season. The stress of various factors like money, family and other holiday-related items are often exacerbated this time of year -- this resource page is aimed at women coping with such stressors in their lives.

The added pressure to complete day-to-day tasks on top of holiday planning magnifies the typical stress levels for women, and can sometimes overshadow the good times with friends and family. Stress is related to external and internal factors that affect women in many ways. For example, external factors include work, relationships and familial responsibilities. Internal factors include women's physical and emotional health, such as the amount of sleep and rest, and can determine how your body responds and copes with the external stress-inducing factors.

In a recent survey on holiday stress, the American Psychological Association found that women are more likely than men to report heightened stress levels during the holiday season, and that they're less likely to take time to relax or manage that stress in healthy ways.

Articles on EmpowHER's resource page include:
Stress, Depression and the Holidays: 10 Tips for Coping
Do Holidays Stress You Out?
Categories of Stress Management

Access EmpowHER's stress management resource page.

"When holiday stress is getting you down, try counting your breath -- inhale and count from one to ten and then exhale and do the same," says Dr. Maoshing Ni, a best-selling author, 38th-generation doctor of Chinese medicine and member of EmpowHER's Medical Advisory Board. "Depersonalize situations by focusing on the task instead of how you feel about it. And finally, learn to say no. Stop being a perfectionist, pare down your checklist and stick with the essentials. When you are happier, others around you will more likely feel the same," he adds.

"Experiencing heightened stress during the holidays is common and women need to know they are not alone," said Michelle King Robson, EmpowHER's Founder, Chairperson and CEO. "Through, they can find the information and support necessary to learn how to ease difficult situations and experience the holiday spirit as it's meant to be shared with loved ones."

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