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October 01, 2009 09:30 ET

Emptoris 8: Not Just a Solution, a Competitive Advantage

Emptoris 8 Delivers Platform With Unmatched Risk Analysis, Actionable Intelligence, and Global Program Agility; Emptoris Launches New Supplier Risk Analysis and Services Procurement Solutions

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - Emptoris, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise supply and contract management software, today announced the launch of the Emptoris 8 Supply and Contract Management Solution Suite, which includes more than 250 new capability, usability and adoption enhancements designed to deliver unmatched capabilities for companies in risk analysis, actionable intelligence and global program agility.

"Companies that consider spend and contract management as strategic functions are not just gaining savings and efficiencies, but actually gaining a competitive advantage. Companies that have accelerated their adoption of these technologies over the course of the recession are creating a gap between themselves and their competition," said Patrick Quirk, Chief Executive Officer of Emptoris, Inc. "Emptoris has recognized and helped drive this trend, and our latest solution enhancements are designed to further empower companies with greater actionable intelligence, risk analysis and global program management."

"The economic climate presents a number of challenges, but also presents opportunities. This is a time when companies often reshape their processes and focus on areas within their control. As we adapt to become more efficient, it's important that the strategies we implement be sustainable and lead to a stronger and more competitive company tomorrow," said Vincent Donargo, Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller with Brightpoint, Inc., an Emptoris customer.

Emptoris 8: Not Just A Solution, A Competitive Advantage

The Emptoris 8 Supply and Contract Management Solution Suite includes more than 250 innovations and enhancements across the entire portfolio of solutions including to Emptoris Spend Analysis, Emptoris Sourcing and Emptoris Contract Management. The portfolio of solutions is also expanded with the addition of Emptoris Supplier Risk Analysis, helping companies move from performance monitoring to pro-active risk management, and Emptoris Services Procurement, addressing one of the most challenging areas of supply and contract management. The new solution additions make Emptoris the only suite provider to provide a focused supplier risk management solution and the only one to offer a global services management solution that can be deployed on premise or in a software-as-a-service mode. The new capabilities are designed to address several major, but common, challenges that Global 2000 companies face:

--  Plenty of risk, but lack of risk analysis and risk mitigation
--  Technologies delivering data-overload,  but without actionable
--  Disconnected processes and solutions that diminish organizational
    agility, particularly globally

Not Just Reactive -- Proactive Risk Analysis and Mitigation

A survey by Emptoris and Supply Chain Management Review found that 1 in 5 executives at Global 2000 companies self-described their supplier risk management programs as "behind the curve" and more than half (52%) said their companies were just "keeping apace" with competitors. Only 1 in 10 (12%) reported being "ahead of the curve" in proactively and aggressively managing risks.

Emptoris 8 delivers significant new functionality to manage supplier risk, helping companies move from performance monitoring and development to pro-active risk management. This includes a new Emptoris Supplier Risk Analysis solution that enables companies to monitor and proactively reduce a broad spectrum of risks that can impact a company, its operations and its bottom line including supplier financial, legal, regulatory, performance and outsourcing risks.

This new risk analysis capability further allows supply management professionals to capture and standardize extended supplier master data including audit records, corporate social responsibility qualification files, codes of conduct, and insurance records; and link this information with credit scores, legal status, diversity certifications, and historical performance scorecards to develop a comprehensive view of risks associated with a supplier. The new risk analysis solution includes:

--  Extended Supplier Intelligence:  A new offering which integrates
    global financial, credit, risk and diversity information from trusted third-
    party business databases to provide deeper insight into supplier
    information such as financial health.  A partnership with Equifax provides
    external data on over 45 million supplier/vendor companies.
--  Enhanced Performance Monitoring Capabilities:  An expanded capability
    for performance scores and balanced scorecards which captures key
    performance indicators (KPIs) for all locations served by a vendor, and
    overall scorecard roll-up across all KPIs and all lines of business served
    by the vendor.  The supplier KPIs are captured at the plant level and
    rolled up to an overall performance score.
--  Supplier On-Boarding:  A new capability which allows companies to
    capture extended information provided by the supplier and standardizes the
    registration, credentialing and certification processes, providing
    visibility into critical information which supports corporate goals and
    objectives.  Key features include self-service registration, automated
    notifications prompting vendors to update information, intelligent surveys,
    flexible workflow, configurable alerts, and automated scoring.
--  Supplier Performance Analytics:  The new solution delivers significant
    advances in the area of performance visibility.  The supplier's
    performance, related to a particular scorecard, is now easier to assess
    using interactive trend analysis and spider charts which visually depict
    the vendor's situation, so buyers can quickly identify flagging vendor
    performance and issues before it's too late.

Emptoris 8 also adds features across the solutions suite that help companies manage a broad spectrum of risks beyond supplier risk including:

--  Contractor Performance History:  New features in the Emptoris Services
    Procurement solution automate the contractor performance evaluation process
    and make information readily accessible to all hiring managers.  Insight
    into contractor performance helps reduce future risks in workforce and
    contractor selection.
--  Multi-Party Contracting:  A significant new capability in the Emptoris
    Contract Management solution supports complex, multi-party contract
    management allowing companies to manage complex business relationships such
    as joint-ventures, VARS, distributors and OEMS.  Such capabilities help
    companies identify otherwise unknown and unmonitored risks brought by other
    parties in outsourced or other contractual relationships.

Not Just Data -- Actionable Intelligence

"Most Global 2000 companies have a serious lack of visibility into strategic aspects of their business from spending to risks. Yet, that lack of visibility is not due to a lack of data. Companies are, more often than not, awash in a sea of data. Today the challenge is often managing that data to gain true visibility. Such visibility is essential to survival in today's competitive global environment. Emptoris 8 not only provides that visibility, but goes a step further, a step beyond the competition to provide actionable intelligence," said Sean Correll, Director of Consulting Services with Emptoris, Inc.

Emptoris announced several new capabilities to address business needs for the move from visibility to a level of intelligence that guides users to smarter business decisions. Specific features include:

--  Real-time Drillable Dashboards for Sourcing and Services Procurement:
    Entirely new dashboard intelligence for the Emptoris Sourcing and Services
    Procurement solutions (leveraging infrastructure already incorporated into
    the Emptoris Spend Analysis solution).  This includes real-time drill down
    capabilities which provide actionable intelligence to "anyone, anytime,
    anywhere" in the organization.  Unlike static reporting tools, when charts
    and graphs are 'clicked' on these dashboards the information shown "zooms
    in" and provides further detail on the items of interest.
--  Online Feedback:  An enhancement which accelerates the online user
    feedback process in Spend Analysis and significantly reduces cycle time in
    republishing spend data.  With process automation, the Spend Analysis
    solution can deliver over 90% accuracy in data classification. End user
    feedback typically drives classification accuracy up further to 95%+.
--  Trend Analytics and Multi-dimensional Reporting:  These new features
    provide deeper, more dynamic analytics and enable more intelligent search
    and queries.  Key features include nested cross-tabulations showing, in
    real time, spend across three dimensions simultaneously.
--  Advanced Sourcing Scenario Modeling:  Emptoris continues to extend its
    leadership in self-service sourcing of high value, high risk categories.
    Auto-Sensitivity Analysis allows buyers to set ranges of constraints and
    the system automatically identifies all the options available.  Advanced
    Scenario Modeling allows users to run large scale sourcing events on their
    own instance of the application -- particularly useful for transportation,
    packaging, print and temporary labor.

Not Just Departmental -- Truly Global

Finally, Emptoris 8 introduces a new set of capabilities to further support global deployments and global program management including global approvals control, global workflow management and global invoicing:

--  Global Approval Control:  A new capability that allows users to
    configure in the user interface approval controls globally, so companies
    can design complex approvals for contracts to adjust to workloads, market
    changes, business changes, new regulations, and other factors on a global
--  Global Workflow Management:  Emptoris 8 also allows companies to
    configure and monitor workflows on a global basis, so that managers in one
    region can have visibility and ability to manage staff in other departments
    as well as other regions.
--  Global Invoicing for Contingent Labor and Services Procurement:  As
    services procurement increasingly goes global, more companies struggle to
    manage complex regulatory regimes that lead to a patchwork of employment
    and tax requirements that vary by state, province and country.  New
    features in the Emptoris Services Procurement solution provide global
    invoicing with "out of the box" configuration.

Each Emptoris solution is also available in multiple global languages, and Emptoris solutions are global commerce-capable with multi-currency bidding; real-time currency conversion; and historically accurate reporting in multiple currencies. Companies can even run scenario analysis to determine how various currency fluctuations might impact future costs and supplier allocations.

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