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June 16, 2008 13:20 ET

Emptoris Placed in Top Tier of Spend Analysis Providers in New Independent Research Report

Independent Report Calls Automated Spend Analysis an "Essential Tool" for CPOs and CFOs

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2008) - Emptoris, a leading provider of enterprise supply and contract management software, today announced that Forrester Research, a leading independent research and analysis firm, has reviewed Emptoris Spend Analysis in an April 2008 report titled, "Market Overview 2008: Automated Spend Analysis."

The report reviews 12 spend analysis software providers and notes that the market has three tiers of providers, placing Emptoris in the Top Tier, stating: "These vendors have been using both rules-based and machine-learning analytical engines... for several years, have a rich knowledge base derived from work with many large clients over many years, can handle spend data in many different languages, and provide good data importing and analytics capabilities. These products are well suited for large, global companies with complex spend data in a broad range of spend categories."

Andrew Bartels, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, and the lead author of the report, states in the Executive Summary that, "Automated spend analysis software is an essential tool for chief purchasing officers (CPOs) at large, global, diversified enterprises... [and] it helps them realize savings promised by past sourcing efforts."

The report examines the critical challenges of gaining spend visibility at global companies, noting that, "If the company is a large, global one with several different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, the data will be in different formats, making it hard to get a consolidated picture of purchases across the entire enterprise. Even if a company has a single ERP system, the general ledger codes are at too high a level to be effective in spend analysis."

The report continues, "Given the limitations of spend data from ERP systems, CPOs and CFOs have two options to get actionable insight into what they have bought, who they have bought it from, and who has bought what: manual or consultant-based spend analysis or automated spend analysis."

"The Forrester Research Report is right on. Most Fortune 1000 companies unfortunately do not have a real time view into their spending. The average CEO, CFO and CPO are typically looking at out-dated data. It's their dirty little secret," said Kirit Pandit, author of "Spend Analysis: The Window into Strategic Sourcing." "Companies have long been shackled by the dispersed and disparate nature of their spend data. It's stuck in dozens of different systems and departments around the globe. However, today there are software tools and outsourced processes that can be used to give a current, consolidated view of spending, and it's really unacceptable in this environment not to be giving your company that view."

The 20-page report details the growing use of, and business value of, spend analysis and notes that "Emptoris was the first eSourcing vendor to move into automated spend analysis [in 2003]... [and] has created a very strong product that has attracted 60 clients."

Emptoris Spend Analysis is a fully-automated software solution that empowers business professionals with greater spend visibility to realize greater savings through improved sourcing strategies and better compliance. Collectively, Emptoris customers have analyzed over $9 trillion in spend and aggregate data from over 25 different types of systems, including every major ERP platform. Emptoris customers can analyze their spend along up to 30 different dimensions including: commodity, cost center, GL account, geography, time, payment terms, UNSPSC code and by supplier diversity status, among others.

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