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Emza Visual Sense

Emza Visual Sense

June 17, 2008 14:08 ET

Emza Visual Sense Eliminates Guesswork, High Cost of Protecting Outdoor Assets

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - Athlone Global Security Corporation (AGS) today announced that Emza Visual Sense, the leader in visual detection solutions, has introduced the next generation of its WiseEye visual sensor family of products. Emza Visual Sense is one of AGS's eight portfolio companies engaged in homeland security solutions.

Emza's revolutionary WiseEye intelligent video sensor, control unit, and monitoring software allow organizations to quickly and cost-effectively detect and classify intrusions from many small and remote sites. "Unlike traditional cameras or alarms, the Emza solution delivers an effective outdoor security system that enables event-based, real-time, remote visual assessment," said Mark Premo, Manager, U.S. Sales. "With the price of copper up 400 percent in six years, the real costs of a single theft incident could easily pay for an Emza solution."

The WiseEye v2.4 release delivers on the many fundamental challenges associated with what Emza calls "commercial quality" asset or perimeter protection like infrastructure and bandwidth limitations, sharp false positive reduction in all weather, light and dark conditions, and fast and simple operator assessment.

Con Edison, one of the nation's largest investor-owned energy companies, is presently testing Emza and performed extensive WiseEye evaluations. "We've validated the claims of the WiseEye, and it really delivers on its promise of simple installation, accurate detection, and false positive reduction," said Thomas Paratore, Systems Specialist at Con Edison. "WiseEye fits very well into our concept of "Video Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" where operators can receive several types of visual information to assist with overall operational efficiency."

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Emza designs and manufactures visual security sensor systems for organizations requiring real-time perimeter or asset protection. Our solution is based on designing "Commercial Quality" visual sensors that meet stringent operational performance standards used in hostile environments such as the Middle East-and yet can be installed in a day without prior training.

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