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Enacomm, Inc.

March 09, 2016 09:00 ET

Enacomm Releases ViA 3400, Advanced Analytics and Management Tool for Measuring Performance of Customer Self-Service by Phone

Offers Users Including NetSpend Extensive, Real-Time IVR Insight That Gives Organizations Greater Control Over Customer Satisfaction

TULSA, OK--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2016) - Enacomm, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent customer interactions technology, today announced the release of ViA 3400, a next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) analytics and management tool. The new version of the digital dashboard includes five major enhancements that provide organizations comprehensive and configurable IVR metrics that can be utilized for continuous self-service improvement and early warnings of IVR problems.

"Advanced, real-time analytics on all caller activities allows for quick, informed decisions on IVR application tuning," commented Michael Boukadakis, CEO of Enacomm. "ViA is cost-effective and easy to deploy, making it a smart choice for gaining control over IVR self-service performance and optimizing usability."

ViA 3400 features live Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and application quality reporting, monitoring, and alerting. Robust tools available via a feature-rich, user-friendly dashboard help increase call containment and first call resolution. Users can see exactly how customers are interacting with their phone self-service system and identify ways to improve the customer experience and reduce caller frustration.

Boukadakis added, "ViA takes the guesswork out of measuring caller satisfaction with IVR self-service. Organizations can determine what IVR functions callers use most, why callers start self-service but fail to finish, where and why callers transfer out of the IVR system, which campaigns are most profitable, what calling or usage trends are developing, and much more."

The new and enhanced version of ViA now includes:

  • A dashboard scrolling ticker of new alerts for early warning of potential IVR and application performance issues
  • A new counter stack that displays an unlimited number of user-definable error types
  • For users in a multi-tenant environment, a new counter stack that displays calls by client
  • Three enhanced and three new standard reports including a new "IVR report card" report
  • Three additional customizable gauges for a total of 10 gauges, seven of which are user-defined
  • An integrated fraud detection module that generates alerts and/or IVR actions based on individual caller behavior

"NetSpend is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction by employing the most up-to-date technology available," said Roger Kidwell, Senior Vice President of Operations for NetSpend. "Enacomm's 'IVR Report Card' offering allows NetSpend to keep a finger on the pulse of our customer service with valuable insight into IVR trends, while enabling us to monitor and mitigate fraud risks."

"ViA supports our customer-first focus by equipping us with up-to-the-minute, end-to-end customer information," said another Enacomm customer, one of the nation's largest prepaid card companies. "The platform logs every call to our phone system so we can knowledgably manage our customer service performance. ViA's frequent caller report, for example, helps us understand why some cardholders call excessively, allowing us to address any concerns."

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