ENBALA Power Networks

ENBALA Power Networks

June 25, 2012 10:00 ET

ENBALA Power Networks® Awarded $1.8 Million for Smart Grid Project from the Ontario Ministry of Energy

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 25, 2012) - ENBALA Power Networks, a Toronto-based company, has been awarded $1.8 Million towards a Smart Grid Project to advance the grid's intelligence using large electricity users (loads) and their process storage. ENBALA is a world leader in engaging networks of loads to provide flexibility to the power system. The electricity users' process storage will balance the grid's real-time supply and demand for electricity across Ontario, helping to green the grid through the integration of renewable power sources.

As part of the provincial Government's plan, the Ontario Smart Grid Fund is investing in the revitalization of the electric power grid and creating jobs by leveraging Ontario's clean energy leaders to continue to grow and establish the Smart Grid industry.

"Ontario is at the forefront of creating and implementing Smart Grid technologies," said Minister Glen Murray. "Through the Smart Grid Fund, Ontario continues to invest in the province, its local businesses and helps to create new jobs. Companies like ENBALA Power Networks are creating local jobs and engaging electricity users to advance the electric power system and increase its reliability and efficiency." ENBALA is a world leader in engaging networks of loads to provide flexibility to the power system.

ENBALA's Smart Grid Project will connect 90 different commercial, industrial and institutional electricity users through a Smart Grid platform. The platform makes use of the electricity users' process storage to manage the complexity of continuous electricity balance across the province.

"ENBALA's Smart Grid Project is unique and innovative and we're honoured to be recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Energy," said Ron Dizy, President and CEO of ENBALA Power Networks. "We are leveraging storage that already exists -- in the way that electricity users consume power. One of the promises of the Smart Grid is to connect the needs of the power system with the flexibility available from electricity users."

The Ontario Smart Grid Fund awarded projects in the following categories; Integrating Distributed Energy Resources, Behind the Meter, Regional Integration, Data Management and Grid Automation.

For more information about the Ontario Smart Grid Fund Projects, please visit http://news.ontario.ca/mei/en/2012/06/smart-grid-projects.html.

About ENBALA Power Networks®

ENBALA Power Networks operates a state-of-the-art Smart Grid network that pays commercial, industrial, and institutional electricity users to deliver intelligent demand-side Grid Balance™ to their regional electricity systems while creating a more robust, reliable and resilient electric power grid. For more information, visit www.enbala.com and watch their video.

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