January 17, 2007 09:55 ET

ENCAP Launches Fast Acting™ Lime

University of Wisconsin, Madison Study Confirms Clear Benefits of ENCAP's New Soil Conditioner

GREEN BAY, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 17, 2007 -- ENCAP, LLC, inventor, manufacturer and seller of advanced soil technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds, reduce fertilizer runoff, and solve manure problems, today announced the release of its Fast Acting™ Lime. This new product is designed to balance the pH of soil to create an environment in which plants can flourish.

Soil acidity plays a large role in the cultivation of plants. The more acidic the soil, the less likely vegetation will flourish. When soil is too acidic for proper plant growth, applying a liming product, such as ENCAP's Fast Acting™ Lime, reduces the acidity (a very acidic soil has a pH around 3.0, while the optimal pH range to ensure that plants can thrive is between 6.0 and 7.0). Soil in the Northeast is particularly vulnerable to this increase in acidity, since wet weather barrages the landscape during the winter months, and soils that are highly weathered by rainfall are naturally acidic.

To validate Fast Acting™ Lime's effectiveness, ENCAP commissioned the University of Wisconsin, Madison to conduct a study comparing the most popular liming products on the market to Fast Acting™ Lime. The study compared the effectiveness of ENCAP's Fast Acting™ Lime, which contains Advanced Soil Technology (AST™), to traditional liming products, using product effectiveness to balance the soil's pH (capacity per pound of material that it took to achieve this) and remain in the soil. Ability to positively impact the soil conditions was another criterion.

Results showed that the soil pH levels increased in each test; however, ENCAP's Lime levels were increased to the target pH range (7.0-8.0) with 0.2 g/L of product. All other lime products required approximately 3.0 g/L to achieve the same results. The study proved ENCAP's superiority over the other products tested...showing that it is up to 15 times more effective than traditional liming products, resulting in vast savings to ENCAP's customers.

"The results of this study clearly show we now have the most effective lime product on the market," said Michael Krysiak, president of ENCAP. "It's a testament to the commitment of our scientists and their research. By combining the best in existing soil science with ENCAP's patented AST™, we are solving major soil issues around the world."

Fast Acting™ Lime can be found at numerous retailers across the Northeast, including Lowes, Southern States, True Value, Ace Hardware and Do It Best.


ENCAP™ invents, manufactures, and sells advanced soil technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds, and hold fertilizers in place. ENCAP sells its products to the world's largest lawn and garden retailers, the professional landscape/golf market and various government agencies. ENCAP owns the patents and exclusive rights to numerous soil and water related technologies it invented throughout the world.

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