September 11, 2008 15:58 ET

ENCAP's Seed Watering Technology™ Saves Consumers More Than Just Water

Unique Technology Gives a Visual Cue to Ensure Efficient Watering

GREEN BAY, WI--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - ENCAP, a Midwest-based soil technology company which creates eco-friendly lawn and garden care products, announced today its newest innovation, the Seed Watering Guide™, which incorporates ENCAP's SWT™ (Seed Watering Technology™). Seed Watering Guide™ will be integrated into the company's already multi-dimensional range of retail products, each of which is made from recycled office paper.

Known as Sparkle™, this crosslinked polyacrylamide acts as the visual indicator of SWT™, swelling up into diamond-like crystals that sparkle in the sunlight when watered. When consumers see these "diamonds" on their lawn, it signals that the correct amount of water has been applied, preventing overwatering. Sparkle™ then releases the water it absorbed at a rate consistent with that of the soil ensuring optimal moisture is present to maximize seed germination and plant establishment. When the consumer can no longer see the Sparkle™ present, it is time to water again.

To launch this unique consumer-friendly technology, ENCAP looked to accredited researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to test Sparkle™ on a multi-platform basis using various soils, climates and conditions. When the 60-day test was concluded, researchers noted that "Seed Watering Guide™ accurately indicated the presence of adequate surface moisture for optimum seed germination and establishment, and accurately indicated when additional moisture was required." Additionally, the study discovered that Sparkle™ adjusts not only to the surrounding climate conditions, but also to variable soil types, making Sparkle™ a valuable and economic resource for any consumer, regardless of their location.

"This is a great addition to our well known and trusted Advanced Soil Technology (AST™). AST™ maintains the structure of soils in seed beds by promoting infiltration of water into the subsoil where plants can access it and engaging the soil to retain its nutrients. Together these technologies give the consumer the ability to plant and maintain a lush-green lawn with the confidence of an expert," said Michael Krysiak, President of ENCAP.

ENCAP's Seed Watering Technology™ is implemented in a multitude of the company's various eco-friendly products, including Wildflower Kit™, Butterfly & Hummingbird Attracting Kit™ and New Lawn Kit™, which includes seed, mulch and fertilizer; everything DIY'ers need in one complete package. Each of ENCAP's products and soil technologies are available nationwide at Lowe's, Home Depot, Stein's Gardens and Gifts and Menards, as well as fine home and garden stores across the country.


ENCAP™ develops, manufactures, and markets advanced soil technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds, and hold fertilizers in place. The company holds the patents and exclusive rights to numerous landscape, agricultural and forest fire restoration solutions used throughout the world. ENCAP sells its products to the world's largest lawn and garden retailers, the professional landscape/golf market and various government agencies.

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