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November 02, 2011 09:00 ET

Encinitas Chiropractor Announces New Educational Chiropractic Video

CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2011) - Gold Coast Chiropractic Center announced that the practice has a new video explaining chiropractic care on the practice's website home page. The new video is designed to better educate patients about the practice's unique approach to chiropractic care, as well as the benefits of their three step system of spinal correction. The video is part of an overall effort to enhance patient communication, and the practice will be launching additional educational videos in the coming weeks. Treatments available at Gold Coast Chiropractic include spinal rejuvenation therapy (SRT), specific chiropractic adjustments, posture and spine corrective exercises with whole body vibration and massage therapy.

Dr. David Melendez, an Encinitas chiropractor, announced that a new educational video is now available on the website for Gold Coast Chiropractic Center. The video explains the benefits of their unique form of posture and spinal corrective chiropractic care and the practice's specific approach to that care.

"Many of our patients are new to chiropractic care, or are unfamiliar with the benefits of our unique form of care," said Dr. Melendez. "Corrective chiropractic care offers hope for Encinitas personal injury patients, and can make a tremendous difference for patients suffering from chronic pain, sciatica, herniated and bulging discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. By explaining how these treatments work, we hope patients will become better educated about their health care options."

The video explains how the practice combines hands-on care with therapies like spinal rejuvenation therapy (SRT-beyond decompression) to help acute and chronic back pain. According to Dr. Melendez, this combination of care can harness results for difficult spinal conditions, including chronic pain caused by a bulging or herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and stenosis.

The practice follows a three-step approach to treatment. This starts with structural warm-up exercises, which increase circulation and can help relieve pain, stress or tension trapped in muscles. Dr. Melendez then uses hands-on adjustments to decompress the spine and gently restore proper alignment.

"We use a variety of different decompression techniques combined with spinal rejuvenation therapy that goes beyond ordinary decompression treatments," said Dr. Melendez. "This new video does a great job of explaining the science behind our unique system of treatments and how they deliver faster relief and superior spinal correction results."

The chiropractor also uses structural rehabilitation including isometric weight bearing exercises on a whole body vibration platform to rapidly correct and strengthen posture.

"Just five minutes on a vibration platform can achieve the same results as 15 minutes of standing without," said Dr. Melendez. "Our informational video introduces patients to new, effective treatment options with which they may previously have not been familiar."

The introductory video to corrective chiropractic care is part of a new video series that the practice is developing to better educate personal injury patients. Additional videos in the series will include information on specific treatments as well as technique demonstrations.

The wellness center provides care for patients who have suffered a personal injury or auto accident injury or patients who struggle with chronic back pain or fibromyalgia.

"From carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic low back pain, our patient-proven system and approach to corrective chiropractic care can truly make a difference," said Dr. Melendez. "We hope patients who are new to our practice will be able to learn from our new video series, and recognize that there are effective, natural alternatives to traditional care."

Individuals who wish to view the videos and learn more about the practice may do so by visiting the practice's website,

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