Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Encorp Pacific (Canada)

September 17, 2008 09:00 ET

Encorp Pacific (Canada): British Columbians Do a Good Job of Recycling Plastic Water Bottles

Return-It recovers 73 percent of plastic beverage containers purchased in 2007

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2008) - Of the 477,943,398 plastic beverage containers containing soft drinks, water and juice purchased by British Columbians last year, 347,457,630 were recovered by Encorp Pacific (Canada)'s Return-It system, representing a province-wide recovery rate of 73 percent.

"The majority of beverage containers, including plastic water bottles, are returned for recycling and don't end up in municipal landfills," says Malcolm Harvey. "We're working on even better recovery rates by encouraging municipalities to create additional recycling facilities in outdoor spaces as well as reminding consumers to return containers for recycling."

Plastic water bottles are 100 percent recyclable and are one of the most recycled consumer products in Canada. The plastic from recycled water bottles, primarily PET (polyethylene terephthalate), is cleaned and pelletized for use in a variety of new products including beverage and other liquid product containers.

Not only does recycling divert useful materials from landfills, but it also saves energy. With growing pressure on energy systems, recycling is a major contributor to energy conservation. Energy is saved by reducing the energy demands associated with acquiring raw materials then transporting and processing them into usable materials. Although recycling also requires energy for transportation and processing, the demand is less and overall net savings are realized.

The energy saved through the recycling of plastic collected by Encorp can be converted into tones of carbon dioxide equivalent, the common measure of greenhouse gases.

Encorp's plastics recycling program in 2007 contributed to the reduction of about 18,724 tonnes of CO2 equivalent being released into the atmosphere.

"Consumers have shown they appreciate the convenience and choice of bottled water," adds Malcolm Harvey. "We just want to remind consumers to complete the loop by returning their plastic water bottles for recycling."

For a list of Encorp-authorized depots where you can return any quantity of deposit-bearing beverage containers please visit the Encorp website at www.encorp.ca.

About Encorp Pacific

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is a not-for-profit corporation operated by the beverage industry which manages the deposit/refund system for most beverage containers sold in BC. The Encorp system includes metal, plastic, glass and polycoat containers for soft drinks, water, juice, wine, spirits, coolers as well as non-refillable import beer bottles. Full deposit refunds for these containers can be obtained at 172 authorized Bottle and Return-It™ Depots located throughout BC.

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