Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Encorp Pacific (Canada)

May 16, 2011 09:00 ET

Encorp Pacific Is Proud to Support "Up Your Watershed!" Tour

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - Encorp is BC's leading Product Stewardship Corporation, mandated to develop and manage consumer-friendly and cost-effective systems to recover consumer products and packaging for recycling - known best through the Return-It™ system.

There are over 170 independently owned and operated Return-It™ Depots across BC. 80% of the beverage containers sold in the province are recovered and recycled into something new. That's over 1 billion containers kept out of our landfills.

Thanks to the 105 Electronics Return-It sites across BC, 15,000 metric tonnes of electronics are recycled annually.

Product stewardship is about responsibility. The guiding principle of this environmental management strategy is that whoever designs, produces, sells or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing that product's environmental impact.

The aim is to divert recyclable materials from going to waste in landfills, and reduce the need to develop new landfill sites. The diverted materials are reused saving the energy needed to produce new products from raw materials.

By recycling beverage containers:

  • You take the equivalent of 39,000 cars off BC's roads for a year.
  • You save enough energy to light 63,000 BC homes for a year.
  • You contribute to the reduction of about 135,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being released into British Columbia's atmosphere.

For additional information about Encorp Pacific please visit: www.return-it.ca

Encorp is also a proud sponsor of the "Up Your Watershed" Tour created by artists Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright. The goal of the tour is to promote broader understanding of the importance of watershed stewardship, and inspire positive action and behavior change in residents of Fraser Basin communities.

Upcoming concert dates are as follows:

HazeltonThurs, May 19Hazelton High School, 2725 Highway 62
KitimatTues, May 24Mount Elizabeth Theatre, 1491 Kingfisher Ave.
Prince RupertFri, May 27Conrad Elementary School, 825 Conrad Street
SmithersTues, May 31Della Herman Theatre, 4400 Third Avenue

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