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June 21, 2006 08:33 ET

Endavo Licenses EnHance Platform to El Sueño Americano for Consumer On-Demand Immigration News Over Broadband

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 21, 2006 -- Integrated Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: IMHI) announced today that El Sueño Americano has licensed the use of Endavo Media and Communications' EnHance online platform to deliver on-demand immigration news and information to the global Hispanic community.

El Sueño Americano, owned and operated by Ilegales Inc., will use EnHance to efficiently communicate breaking news and information regarding relevant immigration matters on an on-demand basis. By leveraging Endavo's Media Management System, El Sueño Americano will be able to easily capture, publish, and manage daily immigration news, information, and other aggregated video content or rich media produced in-house. El Sueño Americano plans to provide members with a more interactive experience by facilitating the integration of advertising and website links to affiliated or partnered immigration services alongside member-delivered content.

"Our mission is to find creative ways of making the latest immigration news, laws, and other pertinent immigration content easily accessible to our current and prospective clients in a high quality, user-friendly manner," said Michael Feldenkrais, llegales President and Immigration Partner at Adorno & Yoss LLP. "With the EnHance solution, El Sueño Americano will now be able to provide real time information to Hispanics worldwide, maintaining our company's results-driven approach to immigration matters."

The EnHance digital content delivery solution enables the transmission of high-quality video and audio content to end users at a fraction of normal distribution costs by using a managed peer-to-peer broadband delivery system. EnHance leverages grid distribution, dormant bandwidth and unused storage capacity to provide up to twice the download speed of most current delivery platforms, while also dramatically improving the end-user experience with significantly less delivery wait time and no buffering or stuttering.

EnHance will enable El Sueño Americano users to see and control content deliveries as they are occurring, allowing them to manage their own bandwidth and computer usage as they see fit. Once delivered, the Media Manager will provide members with all critical data related to delivered content, such as file size, type and usage rules. With this information, users can easily choose to play, save, delete, or even move delivered media files to portable media devices, DVDs or CDs, based on transfer rules set by the content owner.

El Sueño Americano is already positioned well within the Hispanic market as the primary mechanism by which the international law firm of Adorno & Yoss, LLP and Mr. Feldenkrais distributes information to the public about laws affecting immigrants and sponsoring companies. With over 250 professionals located in 16 locations throughout the United States and Latin America, Adorno & Yoss is the largest certified minority-owned firm in the United States. Through its existing broadcast presence and its ongoing relationship with Adorno & Yoss, El Sueño Americano has an immediate diversified market in the Americas for its broadband video service and Adorno & Yoss gains a cost-effective platform for distributing important information to its international clientele and members of surrounding communities.

"We are pleased that El Sueño Americano selected Endavo to provide this valuable service on important immigration matters which targets Hispanics immigrants at a time when it is needed most," stated Mario Pino, Endavo VP of Entertainment and Media. "We are certain that our EnHance solution will make the overall experience user-friendly and valuable."

"This is a very timely service for El Sueño Americano as immigration has recently become a particularly important and dynamic subject within the United States and amongst Latin Americans seeking to live and work here," commented Paul D Hamm, I-Media CEO. "We're very happy to see Endavo continuing to forge outstanding partnerships like this that will exploit the value of our content delivery products and provide real-world solutions that connect our customers to their audiences."

About El Sueño Americano:

El Sueño Americano is founded by Mr. Michael Feldenkrais. Mr. Feldenkrais is a renowned Immigration Lawyer and Partner of Adorno & Yoss LLP, where he serves on the International and Immigration Departments. He has regularly appeared both nationally and internationally on Telefutura Network; NBC's Spanish Network, Telemundo; and on several local Florida television channels. The El Sueño Americano USA broadband on-demand portal leverages the popularity of "El Sueño Americano," a television program featuring Mr. Feldenkrais. The El Sueño Americano on-demand broadband service will deliver daily immigration news, immigration tips, and the daily shows that are aired on television to individuals and firms in the El Sueño Americano community, especially through its existing relationship with the renowned minority-owned international law firm, Adorno & Yoss LLP (

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Michael Feldenkrais
About Endavo:

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