SOURCE: Animal Hospital of Onslow County

February 05, 2012 11:30 ET

Endoscope Aids Jacksonville Veterinarians

JACKSONVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - Feb 5, 2012) - A Jacksonville animal clinic has found a way to get a better look at the delicate organs that enable patients to hear. Animal Hospital of Onslow County is employing advanced medical technology to examine and perform minor medical procedures on pets' ears. The device, a Vetscope Rigid Endoscope, allows the veterinarian to view and record images of the inner components of the ear while also allowing for the insertion of water or special instruments for cleaning, flushing or other tasks necessary to maintain ear health.

Pets can suffer a variety of ear issues, according to Dr. Dave Altman. "The ears of dogs and cats can collect everything from ordinary dirt and grime to mites or other potentially harmful pests," says Altman.

The veterinarian adds that infections of the middle ear or outer ear canal can also cause an animal considerable pain and possible hearing loss.

The Vetscope Rigid Endoscope makes both diagnosis and treatment of ear disorders easier and more accurate. This device consists of an elongated tube with one end connected to a video processor and monitor. High-resolution optics allow the animal clinic to obtain a detailed image of the ear canal, while an attached printer can produce hardcopy images for inclusion in the patient's file. In addition to this video capability, the endoscope has room for the insertion of suction devices and biopsy instruments, enabling practitioners to irrigate the ears, remove built-up wax and other foreign matter or take tissue samples for lab work.

Animal Hospital of Onslow County has come to rely on the Vetscope Rigid Endoscope as a useful tool for many applications. "We can do a much better job of diagnosing and treating a condition when we can visualize exactly what is happening within the ear," notes Dr. Altman. "We also use it to treat middle ear infections."

The veterinarian explains that the endoscope aids in a process called myringectomy, a minor surgery performed on the tympanic membrane to allow access to the middle ear, as well as flushing of the tympanic bulla to remove debris and collect samples for further examination.

Endoscopic procedures can prove unsettling, even if the purpose involves a simple cleaning or inspection, but the animal clinic prides itself on its ability to provide a warm and calming environment. "We consider it part of our job to make both pets and their owners feel relaxed and at home. We personalize our service to see to the immediate needs of every pet we care for," says Dr. Altman. "Our extensive experience with the Vetscope helps us use it as gently as possible while keeping the pet at ease. The relief these procedures can provide to painful ear problems certainly makes it more than worthwhile."

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