December 15, 2009 10:00 ET

Endowance and Birst to Help Technology and Financial Services Companies Maximize Impact of Redesigned Business Processes

Birst's Affordable, On-Demand Business Intelligence Solution to Analyze Key Performance Indicators Critical to Business Process Improvement

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2009) - Endowance Solutions, a business consulting team specializing in analyzing and optimizing key business processes, and Birst, a leading provider of on-demand solutions for business intelligence (BI) and analytics, today announced that their recently formed partnership will help Endowance clients maximize the positive impact of redesigned business processes. Technology and financial services companies can now use Birst's low-cost, on-demand BI solution to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) critical to process improvement.

"When we redesign business processes for our clients, it's vital that each newly optimized process includes a way to measure and monitor its success," said Rob Hienekamp, CEO, Endowance Solutions. "Birst's hosted BI solution is perfect for the job. Unlike traditional, on-premise analytics applications, Birst is cost-effective and fast and simple to implement. With Birst, the return for clients is enormous."

Some Endowance clients turn to the company for help with revamping business processes that simply don't work -- while others want to improve processes that perform adequately, but could be greatly improved. A number of clients have discovered that processes that performed satisfactorily in a robust economy have faltered under the additional pressures exerted by today's economic downturn. Endowance's consultants work with clients to redefine their business processes and increase their business results.

Under the new partnership, Endowance will provide clients with Birst's on-demand BI solution as a means to measure, track, and analyze KPIs incorporated into each redesigned process. For example, a company with a mismatch between its sales forecast and production will reduce its profitability by making too much, or too little, product. However, with a newly optimized business process that includes Birst's BI solution, the same company can create a more accurate forecast and translate that forecast that into a production schedule that meets customers' needs. The entire process can then be monitored via pre-established KPIs to ensure its long-term success.

"Everyone knows what it's like to rely on a business process that doesn't work -- and how hard it can be to figure out how to fix it," said Brad Peters, CEO, Birst. "Endowance helps clients chart the fastest path to process improvement, while Birst BI helps them stick to it."

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