November 03, 2015 16:40 ET

ENDVEST Rolls Out New Platform With Deals in Berkeley, CA and the Philippines

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 03, 2015) - Last month ENDVEST, a leading global real estate crowdfunding platform, launched its highly anticipated and improved website: ENDVEST 2.0. The new site was "built with the investor experience in mind every step of the way," says ENDVEST'S CTO, David Boyajian.

Boyajian claims that the site was built for the investors to learn, invest, and impact. He explains that ENDVEST built (1) a comprehensive education center, (2) a simple yet elegant investment portal, and (3) an impact board to voice its mission of "creating impactful real estate around the world."

"ENDVEST 2.0 is a game changer. It might just change the way we all think about real estate investing," says Boyajian.

ENDVEST plans to uphold its mission by underwriting dozens of projects that create the most social and economic value for investors and communities alike. Last week, ENDVEST launched a timber reforestation project in the Philippines. The company claims that this is the first in a series of projects that will showcase global responsibility while simultaneously delivering healthy profits to its investor base.

The deal involves the extraction of government-planted timber specifically for harvesting with subsequent reforestation; for every tree that is harvested, three will take its place. Additionally, ENDVEST will partner with an agricultural company to help provide infrastructure and increase living standards for the natives who are otherwise impoverished. With all this, investors at ENDVEST will receive an 18% return every year while fueling an emerging economy.

ENDVEST's unique offerings aren't only abroad. ENDVEST has also secured a piece of a ready-to-build deal in Berkeley, California. The Class A style ground-up development benefits from both the college atmosphere of UC Berkeley and the influx of startups in the area, most recently Uber. The deal "has a quick built-in exit and a 23% targeted IRR with quarterly cash payments to investors. Since 95% of the equity is already secured, we only have a small target raise left, so this deal is going to close quickly." says Jack Boyajian, CEO of ENDVEST.

While these deals are presently available only to accredited investors, Mr. Boyajian touts that ENDVEST is "at the forefront of bringing options for all investors, accredited and non-accredited alike, with investment opportunities in all promising markets, both local and global."

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