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Enea Announces Future-Proof Interprocess Communications Software

KISTA, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - June 9, 2008) -

Enea LINX protocol/feature negotiation facilitates seamless upgrades for portable, scalable IPC service

Stockholm, Sweden, and San Jose, Calif.,- June 9, 2008 - Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a world leading provider of network software and services, today announced an enhanced version of the Enea® LINX interprocess communications (IPC) services product for distributed telecom systems. Enea LINX provides a number of new features that increase overall service availability, including protocol/feature negotiation, priority messaging, and support for Enea Element in-service upgrades.

Protocol/feature negotiation enhances availability by ensuring compatibility between all Enea LINX versions, thereby facilitating seamless IPC upgrades for fielded systems. Priority messaging increases service availability by maintaining communications in systems that become congested due to a fault condition. In-service upgrades increase availability by enabling software upgrades to be performed on live systems without disrupting service.

"Enea LINX is the best IPC technology for building portable, scalable, distributed telecom software," said Terry Pearson, vice president of marketing for Enea. "Protocol/feature negotiation builds on this future-proof pedigree, enabling equipment makers to take advantage of the latest Enea LINX upgrades on a node by node basis without compromising compatibility with existing Enea LINX implementations."

Upgrading the basic communications protocol in a deployed system is a large problem. Because systems typically depend on this protocol for overall system management, upgrading ALL nodes with the new version of the protocol is often not possible. Protocol/feature negotiation future proofs systems by making future releases backward compatible with previous releases. When developers install a new version of Enea LINX on a particular node, it automatically communicates with other Enea LINX peers (on other nodes) to identify and default to a common set of features. This allows individual nodes to be added and upgraded with the latest version of Enea LINX without affecting the rest of the system.

About Enea LINX

Enea LINX is a scalable, high-performance, transparent message-based IPC service for distributed systems. Delivering higher performance than competitive IPC technologies such as TIPC, Enea LINX is the only IPC technology that scales from DSP and microcontroller nodes to large networks with complex cluster topologies

Enea LINX greatly simplifies the design of complex, heterogeneous distributed systems utilizing multiple operating systems and processors. Enea LINX is operating system and media/interconnect (i.e., Gigabit Ethernet, RapidIO, PCI, shared memory) independent. It is also transparent, enabling application processes running on multiple CPUs and operating systems to communicate with each other as if they were running on the same CPU under the same operating system. This transparency makes it easy to distribute LINX-based applications across multiple processors and operating systems. It also makes systems easy to scale and reconfigure with little if any change to the application code.

Enea LINX provides reliable, deterministic, high speed transport for both the control and data plane over both reliable and unreliable media. It also supports encapsulation of other bearer protocols (like TCP, UDP, SCTP) for data transport. To enhance reliability, Enea LINX provides end-to-end flow control, connection supervision, and built in support for redundant links/nodes. It also streamlines network management by providing run-time configuration and automatic detection and maintenance of cluster topology.

Enea LINX for Linux is free, open source software available on SourceForge at

Enea LINX is available for the Enea OSE® real-time operating system starting at $ 5,000 per license (10 users). LINX is available for the Enea OSE® ck DSP real-time operating system starting at $ 5,000 per license (10 users).

About Enea

Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA) is the leading supplier of real-time operating systems, middleware, development tools, database technology and professional services for high-availability systems such as telecommunications infrastructure, mobile devices, medical instrumentation, and automobile control/infotainment. Enea's flagship operating system, Enea OSE, is deployed in approximately half of the world's 3G mobile phones and base stations. Enea has over 700 employees and is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB. For further information on Enea, please visit

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Enea Press Contacts:

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Director of Communications, Enea
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Director Product Marketing Communications, Enea
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Davis Marrin PR
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Marcus Hjortsberg
Vice president of software sales Asia, Enea
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Marketing communications manager, Europe, Enea
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