Energate Inc.

Energate Inc.

October 05, 2010 12:16 ET

Energate Announces Commercial Readiness of One-Way FM Demand Response Solution

Completion of successful field tests with E-Radio confirm options for broad market coverage

PORTLAND, OREGON--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - AESP – Energate (www.energateinc.com) a leading provider of demand response and home energy management solutions for utilities and their consumers, today announced successful in-home results of an FM-RDS (Radio Data System) based utility residential load control solution. Energate confirmed a development partnership with e-Radio, Inc, a provider of wireless communications networks and manufacturer of FM/RDS-based receiver modules that are integrated into a variety of smart grid devices. FM radio delivery technology provides utility companies with the power to communicate with residential customers via thermostats, displays, appliances and load switches in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

With the co-developed solution, Energate has incorporated e-Radio's FM receiver modules into the new edition of the Pioneer smart thermostat and the LC301RZ family of load switches. This combination enables the receipt of smart grid messages including Direct Load Control, pricing signals, text messages, commissioning and diagnostics, and firmware updates. The secure one-way data content is delivered via a network of existing FCC licensed FM radio broadcasting signals on an RDS subcarrier. The field trial involved Pioneer R100 thermostats in two independent markets.

As a complimentary alternative to purely two-way demand response solutions, Energate's Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) (FM) provides utilities with another flexible technology choice that can operate in parallel with Broadband and AMI systems in a cost-effective manner. With CCDR, smart meters can focus on measuring energy and communicating with AMI systems rather than taking on the role of a gateway into the home. In contrast to pager-based one-way solutions, CCDR's use of commercial FM broadcast signals provide large coverage areas using only a small number of transmitters that will remain in operation for decades. "FM radio isn't going away anytime soon" reminds Jorge Deligiannis, CTO of Energate.

"Energate is pleased to now offer a robust one-way alternative for our Demand Response Solutions in addition to our broadband and AMI-based offerings," said Energate Chief Executive Officer Niraj Bhargava. "Digital FM is ubiquitous, reliable and cost-effective for one way utility messaging and load control."

"E-Radio is pleased to have provided enabling technology for Energate's FM offerings" added Jackson Wang, CEO of e-Radio, "These successful field tests using the global standard FM-RDS is another significant data point for the local urban and rural utility markets".

About Energate

Energate is a leading provider of demand response and home energy management solutions including software, wireless communications, gateways, smart thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. The Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) solution allows utilities to immediately address residential energy demand and empowers consumers to more effectively manage their energy use. Energate products seamlessly connect to the Smart Grid to deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in North Carolina, Toronto and California. Visit www.energateinc.com

About e-Radio

e-Radio provides a complete smart grid communications solution. The Canadian-controlled company operates wireless communications networks and designs and manufactures FM receiver modules that are integrated into a variety of smart grid devices. The company's products are focused on residential and small commercial customer demand management programs using the global standard FM-RDS technology as the communications platform. e-Radio has offices in Ontario and California. Visit www.e-radioinc.com to learn more.

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