Energate Inc.

Energate Inc.

December 12, 2008 10:10 ET

Energate Demonstrates HAN Leadership in AMI Interoperability

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OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - Dec. 12, 2008) - Home Area Network (HAN) technologies continue to prove their value in managing energy consumption and helping utilities reduce peak load, and leading the way is Energate, developer of home energy management solutions.

At the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) Smart Grid Common Language Workshop held this week in San Ramon California, Michael Delage, Vice President of Product Management at Energate spoke on the requirements of interoperability between HAN and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). As a leading HAN provider, Energate has demonstrated interoperability with more AMI companies than any other in the industry.

Interoperability allows seamless communication with other smart grid technology providing utilities great flexibility to meet their needs and the needs of their consumers. Many industry players and utilities have chosen ZigBee as a communications profile to promote interoperability. Energate smart thermostats are interoperable with ZigBee as well as several proprietary standards.

"ZigBee has emerged as the leading communications standard for utilities implementing HANs," said Benno Ritter, vice president of marketing at the ZigBee Alliance. "We are pleased that Energate is supporting standards and interoperability through their technologies, and their involvement with the ZigBee Alliance."

Energate's home energy management solutions have been deployed in Demand Response pilots throughout North America, interoperable with two-way AMI networks, delivering a smart grid that includes the consumer. Energate's Z100 is amongst the first smart thermostats in the world to be ZigBee Smart Energy certified.

"Energate's smart thermostats were developed by a team of experts with decades of communications, HVAC and energy experience," said Niraj Bhargava, CEO of Energate. "In fact, several members of our team were involved in commercializing the first electronic programmable thermostat. Energate continues the tradition of leadership, collaboration, and innovation as we help advance the energy markets of today."

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Energate's home energy management platform lets consumers and utilities manage energy use and reduce peak demand without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Building upon over 25 years of HVAC industry experience, Energate smart thermostats offer industry-leading equipment interface technology and comfort control algorithms. Founded in 2004, Energate's corporate offices are in Ottawa, Canada with sales offices in Texas and California, USA. Visit www.energateinc.com

About the ZigBee Alliance

ZigBee is the global wireless language connecting dramatically different devices to work together and enhance everyday life. The ZigBee Alliance is a non-profit association of more than 300 member companies driving development of ZigBee wireless technology. The Alliance promotes world-wide adoption of ZigBee as the leading wirelessly networked, sensing and control standard for use in energy, home, commercial and industrial areas. For more information, visit: www.ZigBee.org.

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