Energate Inc.

Energate Inc.

September 13, 2010 08:54 ET

Energate Gets High Marks for Smart Thermostat Performance

Newly announced Pioneer 2 platform takes performance to the next level

AUSTIN, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2010) - AUTOVATION - Energate (www.energateinc.com) a leading provider of Demand Response and Home Energy Management solutions for utilities and their customers, today released Smart Thermostat field-measured results and unveiled a new platform for its family of Home Area Network (HAN) devices.

With over twenty utility customers using the Energate Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR)™ solution set, which includes the Pioneer ZigBee SE certified Smart Thermostats. Energate and its partners have measured and verified the following:

  • Energate Smart Thermostats are interoperable with the vast majority of AMI networks and have successfully demonstrated Over-The-Air upgrades via AMI and Broadband networks

  • In the field, 96% of residential premises have consistent HAN connectivity without the use of repeaters or range extenders

  • Utilities experienced over 98% success rate in the execution of demand response events from the utility

  • Pioneer's superior HVAC control algorithms ensure consumer comfort is at the highest industry levels

  • A single product supports over 90% of the households and their unique HVAC equipment or wiring. 

  • Energate's quality initiative exceeds the industry best practices with a product failure rate measuring less than 0.1%.

Energate's ongoing commitment to product development and customer satisfaction has resulted in praise from many utility partners.

"Our utility customers are pleased with the performance of Energate's Pioneer Smart Thermostat", said Raj Vaswani, Chief Technology Officer at Silver Spring Networks. "We have seen consistent connectivity to our Smart Grid network, and consumer and utility acceptance is high on the Energate product". The integrated CCDR solution provides all stakeholders with key benefits be it the ease of use for the consumer or the ease of installation for the HVAC technician.

"We have installed Energate Smart Thermostats with a number of utility demand response programs without issues", added Roger Gray, Senior VP at GoodCents, "Energate has thought through the requirements to satisfy our installation crews and the utility's load control objectives"

Today Energate also unveiled its new platform for its Pioneer family of Smart Thermostats. The new Pioneer 2 platform provides utilities with technology architecture that will meet their needs today and in the future, including the industry's most reliable Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrade capability. The revamped Pioneer platform offers utilities multiple communication paths and dual-radio capability to deliver robust and versatile deployment options. In addition, the new radio module provides increased signal strength, resulting in twice the coverage area of the previous version, greatly increasing device performance.

The platform has been designed with increased processing power and double the code memory size which will extend the useful life of all products by providing room for future functionality . The future-proof nature of the design ensures the longevity and interoperability of the HAN device. As standards continue to evolve and the demands on processors increase, the Pioneer 2 platform will keep pace. Energate anticipates new user interface variations to be released on the new platform, further enhancing the product offering.

"Energate is delighted to have many customer tributes on the performance of our Pioneer Smart Thermostat", said Niraj Bhargava, Chief Executive Officer, "nonetheless, our team knows that needs will continue evolve thus we are pleased to announce the added robustness of Pioneer 2. Energate will continue to innovate on all aspects of our CCDR solution set, staying pragmatically ahead of the market."

With Energate's Pioneer family of Smart Thermostats, consumers can adjust the times to turn on the heating or air-conditioning according to a preset schedule or based on price signals, via the device display or a consumer portal. And the big benefit is energy savings - up to 33% on home heating and cooling costs - by adjusting the temperature up or down, thereby reducing equipment run-time. Utilities, in turn, can communicate, control, and measure energy demand in the home via Pioneer Smart Thermostat communication capability.

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Energate is a leading provider of demand response and home energy management solutions including software, wireless communications, gateways, smart thermostats, switches and consumer energy displays. The Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR)™ solution allows utilities to immediately address residential energy demand and empowers consumers to more effectively manage their energy use. Energate products seamlessly connect to the Smart Grid to deal with supply and demand challenges, the increased use of renewables and dynamic rate structures. Founded in 2004, Energate is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in North Carolina, Toronto and California. Visit www.energateinc.com

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