SOURCE: Axis Technologies Group, Inc.

May 05, 2009 07:05 ET

Energy Innovation Group Projects 500,000 Unit California Requirement Annually for Axis Technologies Demand Response Ballast

Energy Efficiency Integrator Anticipates Significant Demand From Utilities for Remote Controlled Dimming Ballast

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Energy Innovation Group (EIG), a leading energy efficiency integrator, advised today that Axis Technologies Group, Inc.'s. (PINKSHEETS: AXTG) load shedding demand response ballast recently announced for introduction at next week's Lightfair International trade show in New York City could become a standard tool for use by utilities to help control energy use during high energy demand periods.

EIG Managing Director, Sid Pelston, said, "The marketplace has long waited for a product with these ballast specifications as indicated by Axis. The new Axis load shedding ballast will be the first energy savings lighting product of its type, which can reduce energy generally an average 40% to 50% use through all daylight hours, but which also allows utilities and energy users to immediately further reduce power use remotely through the load shedding control of the Axis ballast when there is an energy alert indicating supply may become insufficient to meet the immediate requirements for energy. Utility incentive programs generally provide rebates for reduction in kilowatt hour usage to encourage an overall reduction in energy use. The current trend is for utilities to require and pay added incentives for energy users to achieve a reduction in actual demand (kilowatts), which represents the amount of power required at any given moment."

Mr. Pelston continued, "To our knowledge, the Axis ballast has been the only proven reliable product available with individual photo-sensor control which automatically reduces power in all areas with daylight entering the space to maintain light levels and significantly reduce power use. With this significant improvement offered in Axis's new offering with the load shedding capability, the ballast can not only achieve major energy savings for the energy, but also qualify for utility demand response incentive programs. These programs offer major incentives for companies to install such load shedding products and provides the utilities with the essential capability to immediately use the load shedding feature remotely to reduce energy use and protect the grid from possible brownouts and blackouts. In some cases, utilities may cover the full cost of installing such a system for the benefit of assuring the reliability of the energy grid."

"In California alone, we can see an annual market demand of 500,000 ballasts statewide over the next few years as more utilities act upon State and Federal mandates to pursue energy efficient technologies that maximize the management of their power grids. Energy Innovation Group is already engaged in significant energy efficiency and demand response marketing and has identified corporate and utility interest for a demand response ballast. We look forward to significantly expanding the incorporation of Axis's ballasts in our energy audit plans."

About Energy Innovation Group

EIG ( is a supplier of innovative and emerging technologies and has been contracted by various electric utility companies and energy commissions to provide special incentives and to bring these technologies to the commercial marketplace. EIG develops energy programs for a multitude of major market sectors, including property management companies, trade associations, major corporations, major building owners, school districts and municipalities. These programs and strategies include a complete building analysis to find potential cost-effective savings within a facility through technological advances, lighting and HVAC upgrades, control and sensor systems, power management, maintenance savings, window films, and indoor air quality. Click on "Performance Reports" at corporate website to see representative sampling of EIG's national customer base.

About Axis Technologies Group, Inc.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Axis Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska designs, manufactures and markets a proprietary line of energy-saving and daylight harvesting electronic dimming ballasts for the commercial lighting industry. The company's target market is small to large commercial users of fluorescent lighting including office buildings, wholesale and retail buildings, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. The patented Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting Ballast is a new technology that transforms the standard ballast into a dynamic energy saving system that can reduce lighting energy costs by up to 70%. The Axis Ballast utilizes an individual photo sensor to automatically adjust the amount of electrical current flowing to the light fixture and then dims or increases lighting in conjunction with the amount of available sunlight. The Axis Ballast avoids "over-lit" conditions that increase energy costs by harvesting and utilizing free daylight from windows or skylights. As the amount of available daylight fluctuates, the Axis Ballast automatically keeps lighting "tuned" to the desired level in a designated area. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has approved Axis products for sale in both the United States and Canada. The Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) ballast is priced competitively and is the only daylight harvesting ballast system that can be marketed as a replacement for a standard ballast. Numerous utilities have included the Axis ballast in their rebate programs offered to their commercial and government customers.

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