June 15, 2010 10:08 ET

Energy Sector Drawing Venture Capital Interest

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) - has announced the addition of Aruvian's R'search's new report "Analyzing Venture Capital Options in the Energy Industry," to their collection of Investment Banking & Venture Capital market reports. For more information, visit

The Energy Industry has seen the constant interest of financial activity from various sectors often interlinked or sometimes cross industry. A more serious effort in this arena has been taken up by Venture capitalists (VC) who have been important drivers in the financing of innovative start-ups in several industries. Venture Funds dedicated to the energy industry are showing robust activity by pumping in increasing amounts of financial muscle into new and emerging energy technologies. The Government continues to play the role of the primary financer by supplying a steady stream of investment dollars in new and emerging energy technologies. Nevertheless, the heightened investment activity by the venture capitalists has forced many industry experts to sit up and take notice.

A mere approximate period of seven years has passed since the entry of venture capital funds in the energy industry. Though the government plays the role of the initiator of technology development for long term future prospects, the interest of venture funds is more focused on achieving quantifiable returns to investments in the medium run. This changes the nature of investment from VC's to business expansion capital.

Though the present relative comparison of venture capital investment infusion in the energy sector may appear miniscule when compared to software or the Internet; the past five years have certainly shown more than promise of phases to come with climbing surges of investment flows.

Aruvian's R'search's report, "Analyzing Venture Capital Options in the Energy Industry," serves to be a key book on Venture Capital in the Energy Industry and elaborates specifically on this dynamic landscape and the market scenario for energy companies matching the right funding requirements. Building on core concepts of venture capitalism and the important role played by the venture capitalists in the energy industry, the report also provides an insight on the present scenario of investment in energy sector by venture capitalists.

The report elaborates on the role of Energy VC's in development of fuel cell technologies thereby bringing an understanding of the investment risks that a VC takes and the safeguards they employ in order to obtain returns. The strategic or mission safeguards which need to be exercised by the VC firms in order to ensure sustained growth with health returns are explained in detail in the report.

The report presents a broad spectrum of VC activity by studying their financial dispositions as by geography, for example -- Energy Venture Capital in US or Energy Venture Capital or Global Energy Venture Capitalism. The report also envisages to derive strategic understanding of VC's objectives by studying cases in close detail and a brief portfolio analysis of some of the VC firms leading the investment bandwagon in the energy industry.

Topics covered in the report include…

  • Venture Capital Overview
  • Powering Energy Markets -- VC Capital
  • Energy VC Investment Phases
  • Role of Political Will Unconventional Energy VC Opportunity Trends
  • Energy VCs Breaking New Frontiers -- Fuel Cells
  • Major VC Funding by Energy Sectors
  • European Corporate VC Interest -- Sustainable Energy
  • Major Energy VC Presence
  • Other Energy VCs
  • Case Study: Evergreen Solar VC Project

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