EnergyXchange Life and Body Science

May 30, 2013 08:26 ET

EnergyXchange Life and Body Science: Integrated Fitness Studio Modernizes the Clinic Experience

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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) - Queen St. East is home to an integrated health and wellness studio with a fresh approach. With some 55 plus classes and a full clinic, this studio transforms the clinics approach as fitness professionals and practitioners share patient files, diagnoses and treatment plans.

EnergyXchange Life and Body Science is now going into its third year of business and has been growing its offerings and clientele along the way. Its approach may be the way of the future, and one can see why.

"Patients have come to us from all over the city with fitness related issues that have caused them problems. The disconnect lies when the patient is left to relay the message to any of the other clinicians they work with, be that a chiropractor, massage therapist, personal trainer and so forth. At energyXchange we have closed the gap between health care and fitness by integrated our practices to strengthen the integrity of the treatment plan. Our goal is to get you healthier and stronger in the least amount of time," says Carri-Lynn Wannamaker, the Clinics Director of energyXchange, "and this process gives our clients tremendous success."

So why should this matter to the average client? "Today's modern life styles are just not the way our bodies were designed to move. Hunched over a computer, sitting for most of the day and driving are just a few examples of ways that our bodies can get out of sync. Working with professionals who can stretch, strengthen, massage and adjust not only improves our bodies esthetically but also increases our overall health. It's a time saver and money saver. It's the difference between being stuck on the sidelines or being in the game!" says Kier, the company's Director of Public Relations.

We could not have said it better ourselves.

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