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August 10, 2016 15:52 ET

EnerRevolution Attends ECRM and Makes Big Splash

Retailers Showed Serious Interest in the Brand

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - August 10, 2016) - EnerRevolution, an American nutritional supplement company that develops and markets a wide range of nutritive elixirs and pills, announced the company was successful in forging some important new connections for the brand when it attended the 2016 ECRM Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition conference in Tampa, Florida.

This specific ECRM event gives companies in the nutritional, sports and health fields a chance to gather together and meet with some of the most influential retail buyers in their respective industries. Sales executives report outstanding performance at the event, and are very positive about their future coming out of it.

"This event gave our brand the opportunity to meet with some of the industry's heavy hitters in Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, CVS, Cardinal Health, and AmeriMark," said EnerRevolution CEO Robert Harrison. "These connections will mean possible new business and sales opportunities for EnerRevolution."

EnerRevolution is a Seattle based company focused on developing revolutionary products designed to improve people's health and quality of life. Their supplement line is focused on developing supplements with a precise combination of high quality ingredients that support each other in the right ratios to create formulations that are effective and work incredibly well.

Al's Memory Repair is a frequency enhanced elixir that contains the vibrational frequencies of the subtle energies of a set of instructions that talk to your body. In this elixir, these instructions work on countering a number of the major causes of debilitating memory decline.

It starts out by increasing production of the IL-33 protein to enable the immune system to better identify, and release more of an enzyme that digests, amyloid plaque and oligomer clumps. Excessive amounts of these plaques and clumps could be interfering with memory and cognitive function. In addition, increased levels of this protein help reduce inflammation.

Al's Memory Repair also instructs the body to reduce or stop production of mutated genes that could further increase memory loss. This includes the APOE-e4 gene, mutated APP genes, mutated PS-1 and PS-2 genes.

This elixir also instructs the body to improve the quality of, and increase the quantity of, nerve synapses in the brain. It especially focuses on turning off excessive C1q protein activation in an adult brain as this activation destroys synapses. Adolescents need this pruning and destruction, in adults it damages memory and cognitive function.

The base of Al's Memory Repair is purified spring water with a very small amount of organic Orange and Rosemary Essential Oils. The oils enable the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water to work more effectively, and do not have a specific therapeutic effect on their own.

"It was extremely important to be involved in the ECRM trade show, and we're very excited about the possible opportunities we have in store from it," said Robert Harrison.

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