December 21, 2013 17:57 ET

Eng-Clicks Database Growing by the Day

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 21, 2013) - Just how big is the Eng-Clicks Qualifications database shaping up to be? CEO Marin Vratonjic claims there is "nothing like it" on any other site, period. "This database contains thousands of degree types, certifications and professional designations, conferred by hundreds or schools and institutions in eighty-four countries on six continents."

But why? What is the database going to be used for?

There are two justifications driving the development of the database. First, Vratonjic's team wants members to be able to include as much specific information as possible in their profiles.

"On sites like LinkedIn, profiles can potentially contain a lot of information about your career history and credentials, but it isn't all searchable. There is no option that allows me to search for a P.Eng working in Timmins, Ontario," Vratonjic explains. "Rather than writing us a blurb about what degree you have, you're going to be able to select it from the database."

Basically, the information will be valuable to users because it will allow them to be searched and found by people who want to connect - potential clients, colleagues with similar research interests, or recruiters. It will allow Eng-Clicks' sophisticated search algorithms to match you with appropriate contacts.

The second reason for the database is simply to have a central compendium of designations, titles, degrees and institutions that are connected to engineering and technical professions. "It goes back to the concept of multiple services under one roof," says Vratonjic. "We want everything to be here. Information is power."

The database will contain specific educational and professional designations, licenses and other titles that will help Eng-Clicks users find one another. Rather than have a profile that identifies you as an engineer from France, you will be able to indicate that you are a practicing robotics engineer from Paris, with a 5-year Ingénieur diplômé (robotics specialization) from Polytech Paris-UPMC.

As it evolves, Vratonjic and his team see the database becoming a tool with potential to help foreign-trained engineers determine how their qualifications will be assessed in other countries. As an engineer, Vratonjic is contacted on regular basis by engineering professionals from all over the world who are looking for guidance on immigrating to Canada.

"It's the same story - the system is really confusing and difficult for people to navigate from thousands of miles away. They see a site like Eng-Clicks and think that maybe it can help. We want to make real, personalized assistance for engineers a reality."

When complete, the Eng-Clicks Qualifications Database will allow users to populate their profiles and network using the following:

  • Continent
  • Country
  • State/Province/Region
  • Professional Engineering Designation/License
  • International Engineering Designation/License
  • Professional Body Memberships
  • Engineering Degree/Diploma
  • Area of Specialization
  • Professional Architectural Designation
  • Computer Science/IT Certification
  • Educational Institution
  • Academic Title
  • Trade Certification

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